5 tips that will motivate you to workout

We all know the struggle of dragging ourselves down to the gym when we’re not feeling motivated. No more: here are five tips that will help you get to the gym every time. TrainAway helps you easily find a gym nearby and makes the opportunities for workouts better no matter where you are.

Here are five tips to help you get motivated to go to the gym and boost your workout the next time you’re on vacation.

1. Treating after training

Treat yourself after training to motivate yourself to get through the workout. This doesn’t mean eating a sneaker, but more like saving an episode of Game of Thrones to watch after your gym session. Treating after a workout gives you a feel-good emotion. “Feel-good” emotions release chemicals like endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine in the brain and is responsible for that “I-feel-freaking-amazing” rush you get after a great gym session.

2. Commit

Make an agreement with yourself. If you commit to training three times a week and don’t make it, you have to pay up. Make an agreement with a friend that the next time you skip a workout you have to give them $10, for example. Holding yourself accountable to another person and putting financial stakes on it should motivate you to go workout.

3. Always think positive

Having a positive mindset and good attitude always helps you get through things. Every morning when you wake up and decide to go to the gym do a little pep talk with yourself: “Today at my workout I am going to do awesome!” That kind of positive thinking helps you get motivated and excited to go to the gym.

4. Find a fitness tribe

Find a workout that makes you feel good and surround yourself with people that help build your confidence as well as your strength. If you don’t have the opportunity to train with others or just prefer to train by yourself, give a random person at the gym a high five and tell them they’re doing a good job. You’ll for sure make their day better, and your workout just got more fun.

5. Fitness buddy

Finding a fitness buddy or a workout friend is actually a combination of the four above tips in one. With a fitness buddy you feel committed and want to impress them, and you can also help each other stay positive and motivated with high fives and praise.

Use these five tips to get motivated and then let TrainAway help you find a gym nearby. With TrainAway you can easily get access to great gym facilities whether you’re traveling or just feel like trying out another gym. The next time you’re on vacation find a gym nearby and get rid of any guilty feelings by working out – and reward yourself with a day at the beach afterwards.

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