7 exercises worth using every time

The fitness world is big and can sometimes be difficult to maneuver. With TrainAway you can easily find a gym nearby and get access to great fitness facilities.

Why use machines in the gym? Simple: machines are helpful if you’re new to working out or don’t have your full strength or balance yet. Machines by brands like Technogym and Lifefitness have helpful how-to cards right on the machine so you can easily see how to use it.

Do you feel confused by machines in the gym and don’t know what kind of exercise you should be doing? Don’t worry. Here are 7 machines worth using. Don’t be frightened by the name of the machine or exercise. Below is the name of each machine/exercise and the muscle group they target.

1. Horizontal Seated Leg Press

Here you’re working on quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. In short, this is about the butt and thighs. The machine is a helpful way to move towards being able to do squats.

2. Lat Pull-Down.

Here it’s the shoulder you are working on, which is the broadest muscle of the back. This exercise is great if you want to eventually do push-ups someday.

3. Cable Bicep Bar.

This exercise is for the biceps (as mentioned in the name), like when guys are doing their “gunshow.” The reason why this machine is so good is that it helps you get the technique right, so the exercise really shows in your bicep.

4. Cable Triceps Bar (Or Triceps Pushdown)

Improving your triceps and preventing jiggly arms. Working on your triceps is a good start to improve your push-ups and pull-ups.

5. Chest Press

This machine is working on your chest, biceps, and triceps. It’s a similar motion to a push-up. This machine works many muscle groups at once and is helpful for more compound movements later on.

6. Hanging Leg Raise

The next exercise is for your future six-pack, specifically the core and hip flexors. This exercise goes directly to your abs, so get ready to show off your summer body at the beach.

7. Cardio: Rowing Machine

Last but not least, the total body and cardio endurance. We all know this kind of workout from being outside, but this is an easy way to vary your workout so you don’t have to use the treadmill every time. This machine also helps you to increase your balance.

TrainAway helps you find a gym nearby, and these seven exercises makes it easier for you to structure your workout in the gym when you are traveling. With TrainAway you can easily get access to a gym nearby and see opening hours, facilities, pictures, and buy a pass. In the app you can also filter and find the right machines and equipment to use in your workout.


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