TrainAway helps you stay on top of your exercise routine while traveling

Don’t let going out of your town ruin your workout. It’s difficult to stay fit when travelling gives you an easy excuse to let your fitness routine lapse.

There are three elements to consider in your fitness routine: exercise, cardio, and nutrition. TrainAway helps you meet your goals with another set of three easy steps: find gym; get access; work out. TrainAway lets you find nearby gyms so you can train no matter where you are and avoid the usual problems with finding a gym when you travel. It couldn’t be easier.

Learn more about the three factors you should keep in mind to stay fit and get some tips for how to maintain your fitness level while travelling.

Cardio training

Cardio is the easiest to complete while travelling. Most hotels have their own gym, but you can never be sure of their quality or how well-equipped they are.  If your hotel does not have a gym or it does not meet your expectations, you can use TrainAway to easily get access to high-quality nearby gyms with exactly the equipment you need.

Gyms are great for cardio with machines like treadmills, rowing machines, stairmasters, stationary bikes, and cross trainers all under one roof. Some cardio machines also work in some strength training, which requires you to use different muscle groups.


Focusing on your diet is maybe the hardest thing to do while traveling. There are so many temptations on the road, but there are also so many different types of protein powders and meal replacement supplements that can be conveniently prepared on-the-go. There are also things to keep in mind when eating at restaurants. It is important to choose the right food on the menu, which is often either chicken or fish. Try to avoid added sauces, which are filled with hidden fat. Salad is always a winner – just order the dressing on the side to make it easier to control what and how much you eat. Remember: what you eat in private shows in public.

Strength training

As with cardio, most hotel gyms aren’t ideal when it comes to strength training. But unlike cardio, where you could replace your treadmill run with a run outdoors, there’s just no replacement for free weights and strength training machines. If you want to replicate your regular workout while on the road you really do need access to a high-quality gym.
The worst-case scenario when traveling is a bad hotel gym and then not being able to get access to a great nearby gym. But these obstacles shouldn’t stop you from staying fit while traveling, especially since TrainAway makes it so easy for you to find a gym no matter where you are. TrainAway lets you see pictures of gyms on the platform and what facilities and equipment they offer. With TrainAway you’ll never have to worry about losing your motivation.

Even though it might be tempting to let your motivation slide, keep these three factors in mind the next time you travel, and remember – with TrainAway you can always find a gym nearby and easily get access to a great workout.

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