What finding a nearby gym was like before TrainAway

You’ve arrived at your destination and are ready to start your trip. One thing is missing, however – your gym. Whether you’re on a business trip, visiting family, or enjoying a relaxing vacation, exercise will make you more energetic and ensure you still reach the fitness goals you’ve set for yourself. But what to do when you’re away from your local gym and don’t know where to find one?

Here’s the process you usually have to go through to find a nearby gym when you’re away from your regular gym:

Try the hotel gym

Hotel gyms are almost always less than ideal. At worst your hotel doesn’t even have a gym; at best it’s a converted guest room with outdated and minimal machines. Either way, it won’t measure up to the comforts of your local gym . Google

Next you have to spend an unnecessary amount of time searching for a gym. You have to make sure it’s open, read reviews, check that they have the facilities and equipment you want, make sure they sell day passes and that they’re affordable, etc. etc.

Find the gym

You’re in a different area, so you have to get yourself to a place you’ve never been to before. Often gyms are located in larger complexes or shopping malls that are particularly difficult to navigate.


Many fitness centers just aren’t set up to accommodate short-term, one-time visitors, so you have to go through a time-consuming amount of registration and paperwork just to use the gym for a couple hours.

Buy a day pass

Here you have to explain what you want to the person at the front desk, sometimes dealing with language barriers or a confusing pricing scale. Or, worse, the desk isn’t even staffed and you have no way of getting into the gym.

Finally, finally go work out

You breathe a sigh of relief and get going on your workout plan. But wait – You forgot something. With most gyms you won’t know until you get there if you needed to bring your own towel or padlock or shampoo. So if they’re not provided and you didn’t bring them with you, then your workout is over before it even began.

It doesn’t have to be this way

Now with TrainAway you can find a great gym near you in just 3 easy steps: Download the TrainAway app from the App Store or Google Play, or visit us at TrainAway. Check out the closest gyms – you can see pictures and opening hours, filter by activities, services, and equipment, and get directions directly to the gym. Go work out!

We’ve also made it even easier for you get access to gyms. At TrainAway partner clubs (identifiable with a blue icon in the map) you can purchase one-day, three-day, or one-week passes directly via the platform. Just show the pass on your phone when you enter the gym and get straight into your workout!

Gyms suffer too from how difficult it is to attract and cater to short-term visitors while also satisfying their regular members. At TrainAway, our mission is to help both gym owners and users by making it easy for travelers to find and get access to gyms. It’s just as easy for gyms to register as TrainAway partners as it is for users to find gyms and buy passes.

Gone are the days of wasting precious vacation time on trying to find a gym or sweating away in subpar hotel gyms. Stay motivated to keep up with your fitness routine and buy yourself more time to enjoy your trip. The next time you travel, let TrainAway help you find a gym and get access and you’ll be working out in no time.

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