Fitness coach trained his athletes in hotel lobbies because of a lack of gyms

“I was traveling around the world for 6 years, and it was always a problem for us to find a place to get prepared for competitions. For me TrainAway solves many problems.”Learn how TrainAway could have helped Kristjan find a gym.

When working in the fitness industry it is essential to have access to a great gym when you are traveling, but sadly it isn’t always that easy. We talked to Kristjan, a former fitness trainer and fitness expert in nutrition consulting, about his experiences traveling the world with professional athletes. Traveling with professional tennis players, “all the time we were in a situation where we would have to find a club and get prepared for the competition. We were working out in the hotel lobbies, and it took a lot of time searching for clubs, or the clubs weren’t as we expected.”

We all know the struggle of searching for something specific on the internet and how long it can take to find what you are looking for. Just imagine this with gyms in another country. First, you have language barriers; then you have to actually find the gym; then you have to figure out the price for a one-time session and deal with time-consuming registration.

Kristjan also added that, “I was traveling around the world for 6 years and it was always a problem for us to find a place to get prepared for competitions, so for me, TrainAway is solving many problems. I believe that I’m not the only one that is having this problem, so I’m really excited about Trainaway.”

“TrainAway isn’t just for fitness coaches or club managers but also for people who want to train while away from their regular gym or who just want to try out a new gym.”

TrainAway has created the world’s largest searchable database of gyms, so you can spend less time looking for the perfect gym and more time enjoying your workout.

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