How to stay healthy while traveling for work

Anyone who travels for work – conferences, client meetings, signing new business – knows the struggle. Long days spent sitting indoors, eating from unhealthy hotel buffets or at lavish client dinners: it wreaks havoc on your health and stress levels.

In a 2013 TripIt survey, frequent business travelers ranked exercising and eating healthy as the most stressful aspect of traveling, even above going through airport security.

Obviously this is bad news for business travelers. If you can’t exercise or diet right while traveling for work, not only will your personal physical and mental health suffer but your business results will too. How are you supposed to go from a longhaul flight to a boardroom presentation to a client dinner if your body is sluggish and your mind is poorly nourished?

There are ways to cope with this, of course. Pack healthy, easily-transportable food like nuts and fruits; download a quick HIIT workout plan you can do in your hotel room; make sure to pack workout clothes so you don’t have any excuses for missing gym time; take walks between meetings.

These are all good tricks that can incrementally improve your wellbeing, but none of them solve the problem of stress, which is the real problem business travelers face when trying to live healthy on the road. None of these tricks actually make your life any easier; instead they just give you one more thing to do in your busy schedule, requiring you to remember to pack a bag of trail mix or schedule walks in advance into your jam-packed days.

What if there was a way to live healthier while traveling that didn’t create any extra work for you?

There is. TrainAway was created for just this purpose: to make it easy for travelers to stay fit and active even when it seems impossible. Our founders came up with the idea for TrainAway thanks to their own experiences of trying to find places to work out while traveling for both business and leisure – so TrainAway was designed with the needs of this demographic in mind.

TrainAway takes all the guesswork out of finding great workouts while traveling. Rather than suffer through subpar hotel gyms or waste hours online trying to find a decent, cheap gym nearby that sells day passes, TrainAway connects you with high-quality gyms at the press of a button.

How does it work?

Download the TrainAway app on the App store or Google Play, or visit us at Check out all the gyms near you and find the one that best suits your needs. At TrainAway partner gyms (identifiable with a blue icon in the map) you can purchase one-day, three-day, or one-week passes (depending on the length of your trip) directly in the platform. When you get to the gym, just show your pass at the front desk and you’re ready to start working out.

It couldn’t be easier. The next time you travel, make your trip even more productive and successful by using TrainAway to help eliminate the stress of being on the road. Book a workout to keep your body and mind in top shape, ensuring you come back to the office invigorated and refreshed.

Don’t fall into the trap of treating a business trip as a “cheat day” – bad habits formed while traveling can seriously impact your quality of life even after the trip is over. Stay productive at work by staying fit with TrainAway the next time you travel.

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