TrainAway helped a fitness lover on her travels

“When I was traveling I really wanted to hit the gym.”

Anyone who’s into fitness knows that traveling can, at best, put your workout routine on hold or, at worst, kill it completely. Most people don’t stick with their regular gym routines while they’re away from home because of the hassle of finding a gym and filling out unnecessary amounts of paperwork for a one-time visit.

You have to do the research to find a nearby gym, there can be language barriers with gym staff, and figuring out how to get into a gym without signing up as a member is time-consuming and annoying. TrainAway offers a solution to all of these problems in one platform in order to make it as convenient as possible for travelers to stay on track with their fitness routines.

One of our users, Eva, has experienced these problems on many occasions. Eva, who is head of training at MyFitness, the biggest fitness chain in the Baltics, loves to travel around the world. As a fitness enthusiast it is important for her to have access to the best nearby gyms, but she’d given up on finding a gym herself when she traveled; “last time I was in Rome I had to do at least an hour of searching to find the nearest gym.

TrainAway’s mission is to make it easy for people to work out when they are away from their regular gym. Last time Eva was traveling she used the TrainAway app: “After the app, it was very easy to enter the gym because you just have to buy and activate the pass and show it to the receptionist.”

TrainAway’s hassle-free platform eliminates the need to worry about language barriers or how to register.

“When I got to the gym it was easy because now I already had the ticket, so I didn’t have any hassle. For fitness people it’s a must-have – you save a lot of time finding the perfect workout location.” Next time you are on a holiday, business trip, or just away from your regular gym, don’t let it affect your daily workout routine and instead let TrainAway help you find and get access to a quality gym.

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