TrainAway meets Connect Denmark

In December Trainaway had the privilege of meeting with Connect DenmarkConnect Denmark is a non-profit which consults with start-ups on their business models.

The organization is a network of high-profile and successful business people in Denmark. With more than 800 members, they have a wide range of expertise in every area of business. Founded in 2000, they have since provided consulting to thousands of start-ups including endomondo, Soundboks, and Trustpilot.

How it works:

  • The start-up comes in to pitch their idea and business model in front of 6 – 10 people.
  • Afterwards, the experts discuss  the strategic challenges and the start-up’s plans for the future.

After a productive meeting where much was discussed and many new ideas were generated, we came back to the TrainAway office with a great deal of reflections and insights.  We wanted to take this meeting in order to see some scenarios we maybe hadn’t considered before and to gain new input to help us move forward. We were seeking advice from the best on how to make TrainAway the best possible platform for our users – and that’s what we got.  

As much as TrainAway tries to constantly innovate, we also know when to ask for help. We’re honored to have gotten the support and advice of the team at Connect Denmark, and look forward to leveraging their insights in order to make TrainAway even better for our users as they look for gyms while traveling.

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