And we are off! (to the land of fitness)

TrainAway founders Kenn and Alexander are on their way to the US for an exciting business trip. The trip includes a variety of business meetings as well as, of course, a whole lot of working out to stay in shape while they travel.

After unfortunate delays due to some harsh weather in both Europe and the US, Kenn and Alexander finally shipped out to the States. Exciting days are ahead – stops during the trip include Boston, New York, Washington D.C., and Sao Paulo in Brazil. Their goals are to:

      Spread the word about TrainAway to the American fitness industry
      Build connections with potential TrainAway partner gyms
      Brainstorm future technological optimization of the TrainAway app
      Gain insight into new ways of doing business with different types of partners
      Learn from other companies who have tried to penetrate the global fitness market
      … And of course, use the TrainAway app to locate cool new gyms to work out in 😉 We of all people believe in how important it is to stay active  during a business trip!

We are super excited to finally be back in the US. We know it is essential to the future of the company to:

1. establish a network of partner gyms in the States, and
2. be inspired, learn, and make connections and new friends in the world’s biggest fitness market.

Kenn and Alexander will start out in Boston, where they will meet up with a great collaboration partner. Stay tuned to find out who as we update you with more in-depth news and stories from our trip to the promised land of fitness!

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