Benefit from TrainAway while on a budget

We all love traveling, right? Whether it is for business, vacation, or a round-the-world backpacking adventure we all like to leave the comfort of our usual environment to visit another piece of the world. No matter what type of trip it is, one thing is certain: your fitness progress will either stagnate completely or even go down during these trips Your motivation will decrease as a result, making it harder to get back into the rhythm once you’re back home.

Here are just a couple reasons why traveling can completely ruin your fitness progress:

  • If you’re used to working out in a gym in your home city, you might find yourself without access to a gym when you’re away from home.
  • Even though your desire to continue working out while away from home might be high, there is a good chance that when you do try to squeeze in a one-off workout you’ll run into obstacles like language barriers with gym staff or payment difficulties. These obstacles can pile up into one big reason for you to skip the gym until you get back to the comforts of your regular gym.

At TrainAway we love traveling and we do it a lot! After having gone on many trips for both work and pleasure we can assure you that it is possible to stay healthy, strong, and fit even while still having amazing adventures, enjoying local cuisine, and making the most of your travel experience!

If you ask us (and you should, we’re the experts ;)), being healthy is one of the best ways to ensure you truly live in the moment and enjoy your travels to the fullest. 

Now, you may be asking: where you can find a gym and how can you be sure that it fulfills all your needs? Simple! Anytime you arrive in a new city, look for the nearest gyms in the TrainAway app: check reviews, available equipment, and other services. Buy a pass to one of our partner gyms, activate it, and you’re ready to go!

So, make a commitment. Take it as a personal challenge to come back home in even better shape than you were when you left. It can be done!

Wishing you happy traveling and great adventures from TrainAway!

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