The TrainAway office is growing

There are some new faces at TrainAway! Business is growing and so is the office. We’re very excited to have two interns, Anders and Michelle, joining us for the next few months. Read about what the two have to offer TrainAway in the article.

Anders and Michelle are both studying Marketing Management at Copenhagen Business Academy. Being an intern at TrainAway gives them the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in school to bring value and growth to the company as well as gain real-world knowledge from a dynamic start-up with global ambitions.

About Anders

Anders is 23 and lives in Copenhagen. He will be joining us for the next three months. Anders knows our founders, Kenn and Alexander, who suggested that he join the team as an intern while completing his Bachelors. Anders really likes the concept behind TrainAway, and is happy that he gets to help TrainAway grow.

About Michelle

Michelle is 20 years old and live in a small town in Denmark called Karise. She shows her dedication to TrainAway by commuting one and half hours each way to our office! Michelle has an interest in fitness, so TrainAway was the company for her. “I think it is fun and challenging to be here. I want to improve and gain new skill in my field of marketing management, and I think TrainAway can help me get there,” Michelle says.

Michelle and Anders both chose to work at a start-up in order to have more responsibility and be allowed to work on higher-level marketing tasks. This internship will prepare them to write their final projects in order to graduate, so we’re looking forward to helping them at this important stage in their academic and professional careers!

We’re glad to have them on board and to have some fresh eyes at the office. We’re quite busy at the moment (as per usual) so more hands on deck are always appreciated! Welcome to Michelle and Anders, and we’re looking forward to the months to come!

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