Hanging out with Henrik Duer and TrainAway

TrainAway founder Kenn and brand manager Mikael had the pleasure of meeting Henrik Duer, one of the most prominent representatives of the Danish fitness industry, to discuss TrainAway and the fitness industry as a whole.

It’s always great to meet people with comprehensive experience in the fitness industry. Henrik Duer certainly knows what he’s doing. To mention just a few of his noteworthy accomplishments: he has a Master’s degree in human physiology from the University of Copenhagen, has worked extensively with a number of Danish national sports teams, hosted the Danish TV show “Ekstrem Fed – et år til at redde liv,” and most recently co-founded the personal training school Fitness Institute.

We had the chance to sit down with him over coffee to explain TrainAway and get his thoughts on the concept. One cup of coffee turned into several as we presented the beginnings of TrainAway, where the company is at the moment, and our plans for the future. Henrik provided a number of great ideas and insights for how to improve TrainAway both as a service and as a brand. We look forward to implementing some of these ideas to make TrainAway even better for both users and partner gyms.

If you’re interested in fitness and health we suggest you follow Henrik Duer’s Facebook page for inspiration and tips on how to keep your body and mind in peak shape!

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