TrainAway in Danish newspaper Børsen

TrainAway’s co-founders Alexander and Kenn recently had the pleasure of talking about TrainAway with Danish newspaper Børsen. It was a great opportunity to spread the word about TrainAway and talk about the company’s successes so far and plans for the future.

Being featured in a newspaper like Børsen is huge for young companies like TrainAway. We’re very grateful for the opportunity to tell others about what we do here at TrainAway and the problems we’re trying to solve in the fitness industry.

A consumer expert’s opinion

Mette Skovgaard Frinch, a consumer expert at Retail Insight, said that given the current boom in the fitness industry TrainAway is a great way for smaller chains and independent gyms to be discovered by users and to differentiate themselves from their larger competitors.

Kim Salomonsen, general manager at Vesterbronx Gym, agreed with Mette’s assessment – which couldn’t make us happier! Vesterbronx Gym is one of the gyms that allows users to buy day passes via TrainAway.

TrainAway in the Danish Newspaper Børsen

“When you have a gym in Copenhagen you are surrounded by lots of hotels and we can also see that Airbnb is gaining traction. We really want to get ahold of the traveller market, and single-time visits can be insanely valuable to a business like ours,” says Kim in the Børsen article.

Our plans for the future

TrainAway makes it easy to find a gym no matter where you are. In the future we hope to continue our growth trajectory and be able to serve travellers on every continent and in every country.

Read the full article here.

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