TrainAway GetAway

Last week the TrainAway crew took a day off from the office for a company retreat at our co-founder Alexander‘s family summer house in Liseleje. We spent some time articulating and defining our company goals for 2018 – but mostly it was just team-building exercises and games (and maybe some drinking). 

Off we go!

We left the office for the summer house on Friday morning with about an hours’ drive ahead of us. After a quick lunch of classic Danish smørrebrød, co-founders Kenn and Alexander presented the company’s goals and direction for the year ahead as well as TrainAway’s current and projected position in the fitness industry.

With the shop talk out of the way we were ready to forget about our precious app for a while and just enjoy each other’s company!

Getting closer

With some new additions to the team recently, we knew we needed to spend some getting to know one another better outside of the office. We spent the rest of the afternoon competing fiercely against one another in team-building exercises and games to win the ultimate prize of bragging rights for the rest of the trip.

The team-building didn’t stop there – we split up into teams to prepare dinner as well. Some elements turned out better than others, but the team work made the dream – and the meal – work!

The evening continued with more games, laughter, and good times, with maybe just a little bit of wine thrown in to the mix.

A little dip

On Saturday morning we went to the beach nearby to take a little dip in the ocean. It was -2 Celsius, so we were freezing before we even got in the water. But we did it! Or least some of us did…

The TrainAway members who braved the freezing temperatures

We ended the getaway with breakfast and some much-needed hot coffee. Heading back to Copenhagen and reality, we’re ready to take on the new year and the challenges and growth ahead of us as a tighter, stronger team.

Now back to work (and the gym!)

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