TrainAway in MyFitness Tallinn Airport

TrainAway is now featured in the MyFitness gym in the Tallinn Airport.

If you happen to have been in the Tallinn airport recently you may have seen a familiar sight – what’s that?? It’s TrainAway!

TrainAway in Tallinn Airport, Estonia

TrainAway destination MyFitness recently opened a gym at one of the gates in the Tallinn Airport, and was kind enough to invite us along! Located at the intersection of travel and fitness, it makes perfect sense for TrainAway to be featured in an airport gym where we can spread the word to travelers and make users aware of TrainAway’s many benefits. For the rest of 2018 TrainAway will be all over the gym, whether you’re watching a video about how TrainAway works or just charging your phone…

TrainAway in Tallinn Airport, Estonia

TrainAway in Tallinn Airport, Estonia

About MyFitness – Tallinn Airport

Operated by MyFitness, the Baltics’ largest fitness chain, MyFitness Tallinn Airport makes it easy to get some steps in or do some bicep curls while still keeping an eye on your flight status. Erkki Torn, CEO of MyFitness, says, “We would like to promote a healthy lifestyle and remind people that during their travel it is also important to stay active and healthy.” MyFitness also plans to have personal trainers on-site from time to time to offer workout tips and advice on how to eat healthy while on the go.

The mere concept of the gym shows how much MyFitness cares about helping all travelers live an active and healthy lifestyle – a mission we definitely share. We’re very proud to be a part of this new and innovative gym concept.

Start your trip off on the right foot by working out at MyFitness Tallinn Airport before you even take off! And don’t forget, with TrainAway you can find and get access to great workouts no matter where you go. Once you get to your destination, use the app to search for nearby gyms and buy day passes to gyms in just a few clicks.

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