7 exercises for a great workout every time

The physical exercise world is large and not always easy to navigate. With TrainAway it’s easy to locate and get access to fitness centers near you.

Why use equipment for your workout? Easy: machines and equipment are useful when you’re a fitness beginner and/or don’t are still building up your strength and balance. Equipment by brands like Technogym and Lifefitness have useful how-to displays right on the machine so you can easily figure out how to use them.

Are you intimidated by machines in the gym and don’t know what kind of workout you should be doing? Don’t panic! Here are 7 machine-based exercises guaranteed to get you a great workout every time.

1. Horizontal Seated Leg Press

Right here you’re taking care of your quads, butt, and hamstrings, not to mention your lower legs – but really this exercise is all about targeting the butt and thighs. The equipment may be a helpful way to move towards being able to do weighted squats.

2. Lat Pull-Down

Here it’s the shoulder you’re working on, which is the largest muscle of your back. This workout is excellent training for push-ups.

3. Cable Bicep Bar

As the name suggests, this exercise is all about arms. This machine helps you nail down your technique and form for biceps that really “pop.”

4. Cable Triceps Bar (Or Triceps Pushdown)

Work on your triceps and get rid of any unwanted arm flab. This exercise is another great way to work on your push-ups and pull-ups.

5. Chest Press

This machine targets out your whole upper body, biceps, and triceps. The motion is very similar to doing a push-up and will help you improve at that exercise. This machine exercises many muscle groups simultaneously and is useful for graduating to more compound exercises later on.

6. Hanging Leg Raise

Get beach-ready with this machine, which targets your future six-pack – specifically the core and hip flexors. We promise you’ll really feel it in your abs the next day – but it’ll be worth it.

7. Cardio: Rowing Machine

Last but not least: a full-body workout aimed at improving cardio endurance. This is a great way to switch up your cardio routine so you’re not on the treadmill every single time. As an added bonus, this machine helps you work on your balance.

TrainAway helps you find a gym nearby, and these seven exercises makes it easier for you to structure and prioritize your workout in the gym when you are traveling. With TrainAway you can easily get access to a gym nearby and see opening hours, facilities, pictures, and buy a pass. In the app you can also filter and find the right machines and equipment to use in your workout. Book a workout today!


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