TrainAway nominated as “Internship Place of the Year”

We are excited to be nominated as Internship Place of the Year by Cphbusiness! Read more below about the competition and what our intern Michelle thinks about her experience interning at TrainAway this semester.

The Business Academy Internship of the Year competition is a national competition with the internship companies of students from all nine business academies in Denmark represented. One of our interns this semester, Michelle, currently studying Marketing Management at Cphbusiness, nominated TrainAway for the honor (we swear we didn’t pay her to do so)!

Cphbusiness says:

“Internships are valuable opportunities for students to acquired practical knowledge of their business field that they can then relate to theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom. This practical experience is essential for students’ and their education, and we want to reward the employers who provide this practical knowledge exceptionally well.”

We agree – and that’s why we strive every day to make TrainAway a fun, inclusive, and welcoming place to work, where each member of the team and their contributions are appreciated. We want all our employees to be challenged, but also to truly look forward to coming to work every day.

Michelle says of her experience interning at TrainAway:

“In my internship with TrainAway I have learned how to express myself and how to deal with stressful situations. I have one-on-one personal development meetings with my supervisor in which we talk through tasks and ideas and he offers me guidance and advice on how I can improve. Those meetings also give me the opportunity to offer my own ideas that eventually shape the direction in which TrainAway grows. It has been super fun and valuable to experience.”

In April a professional jury of internship coordinators from Cphbusiness will select the companies moving on to the next round – stay tuned to find out if TrainAway makes it!

Interested in working at TrainAway yourself? We’re hiring – click here to read about our current internship openings for the current semester and to apply.

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