4 tips for staying fit while traveling

Everyone knows how tough it can often be to preserve your level of fitness during a holiday or business trip. TrainAway has 4 tips for you to utilize to stay fit the next time you’re away from home.

Remaining active when you travel can be difficult, and often it makes for an unwanted interruption of your normal fitness routine. At worst, falling out of your active routine can cause you to lose all the progress you’ve made and make it more difficult to get back into the gym-going habit when your trip is over.

Here are 4 tips from TrainAway for you to use to stay fit the next time you’re away from home:

Prep your workouts before you go

When organizing your trip, make sure to include on what days as well as at what time you’ll go to the gym. It’s a slippery slope from telling yourself, “I’ll figure it out when I arrive,” to not making it to the gym at all. There will be a million other things competing for your time and attention when you arrive at your destination. Creating a workout plan for your trip ahead of time increases the likelihood of you actually sticking to it and help you avoid the temptation of skipping the gym altogether.

Switch it up

Traveling is a break from the routines of your everyday life, and that can be reflected in your workouts. Mix it up by trying out a new routine with more or less cardio or weight training than normal, or work out other muscle groups that you usually don’t make time for. Use your time in a new venue to experiment with other ways of working out – you could potentially discover something new you enjoy and can incorporate into your routine when you get back home.

Short and sweet

Get in, get on it, and get out! One of the most significant obstacles for travelers to overcome is prioritizing workouts. Maybe you’ve got a tight timetable during a business trip or you’re excited to experience your new destination on vacation. So plan your time in the gym accordingly. Limit yourself to 45 minutes to an hour max in the gym, and then get out and about. You’ll feel good about yourself for having gone to the gym, but not like you wasted a huge part of your trip spending hours on the treadmill.

Find the best gym in advance

Saving the biggest issue for last – the gyms themselves. One unpleasant gym experience and your eagerness to work out during your trip evaporates. Research gyms in advance using the TrainAway app to find great gyms near where you’ll be staying. That way when you arrive half the work is already done – all you have to do is show up and sweat!

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