4 tips for a healthy trip

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We’ve all been there – you want to go on a healthy trip and suddenly you find your fitness level has plummeted after you get back. Don’t let it happen again – TrainAway has 4 tips for you to utilize to stay healthy the next time you’re on the road.

Keeping active when you travel can be a pain, and often it means an unwanted interruption of your normal workout routine. In the worst case, falling out of your workout routine can cause you to lose progress AND makes it that much more challenging for you to get back into the swing of things after your trip has ended

Here are 4 pieces of advice from TrainAway for you to use to stay active during your next trip:

Plan your exercise regimen before you leave

When arranging your trip, ensure you incorporate the days and times you’ll work out. It’s a slippery slope from saying, “I’ll figure it out when I get there,” to not working out at all. There will be many other, more enticing activities competing for your time and attention when you get to your destination. Making an exercise schedule for your trip ahead of time helps you avoid the temptation of skipping the gym and increases the likelihood of you actually sticking to your plan

Mix it up

Traveling is a break from your everyday routines, and that should be mirrored in your workouts. Vary your workout by experimenting with a new routine with different amounts of cardio or strength training than usual, or work on those muscle groups that you usually don’t make time for. Utilize your time in a different location to try new-to-you ways of working out – chances are you’ll discover something you love and are excited to include in your routine once you get back home.

Short and sweet

Get in, get on it, and get out! One of the most significant challenges that travelers face is prioritizing working out. Maybe you have a hectic schedule during a business trip or you’re just to keen to explore your vacation destination to its fullest. So plan your time in the gym to reflect this. Stick to 45 minutes to an hour maximum of working out, and then get out of there. You’ll feel much better for having gone to the gym, but not like you lost a big part of your trip on the treadmill.

Find the right gym in advance

Saving the biggest difficulty for last – the gyms themselves. One particularly bad gym experience and your determination to work out during your trip vanishes. Research gyms using the TrainAway app before leaving home to find great pay as you gym near where you’ll be staying. Then when you arrive half the work is already done, so all you have to do is just show up and sweat!

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