Work out while waiting for a flight

Never skip a workout again with this new exercise trend sweeping the globe – airport gyms. Do deadlifts while waiting for a flight or lunges during a layover to capitalize on time spent waiting at the airport and reduce interruptions to your gym routine. Learn more about how and where you can easily benefit airport gyms and ways in which TrainAway can assist you in finding these fitness centers.

ROAM Fitness – BWI Airport

ROAM Fitness in BWI Airport Baltimore - TrainAway partner gymROAM Fitness in BWI Airport in Baltimore, MD is a full-service gym for travelers of all fitness skills and abilities. Squeeze in a workout while waiting for a flight, during a layover, or even after landing and before going home! ROAM Fitness provides Technogym cardio machines, free weights, and resistance training equipment. Even better for the tired traveler are the private showers, reservable ahead of time!

“That sounds excellent!” you’re thinking. “Just one concern – I forgot to bring my exercise clothes along.” Not a problem – ROAM Fitness offers workout clothes as well as shoes that can be used free of charge. Which means that the next time you travel via BWI there is no excuse for getting a workout in while you’re there!

MyFitness – Tallinn Airport
MyFitness in Tallinn Airport - TrainAway partner gym
This gym, Europe’s first free airport gym, can be found at a gate in Tallinn Airport, Estonia. Run by MyFitness, the  largest gym chain in the Baltics, MyFitness Tallinn Airport makes it easy to get some steps in or do some bicep curls while still tracking your flight status. Erkki Torn, CEO of MyFitness, says, “We would like to promote a healthy lifestyle and remind people that during their travel it is also important to stay active and healthy.” MyFitness also plans to have personal trainers on-site periodically to provide training advice and tips for how to eat healthy while on the go.

Get in with TrainAway

Airport gyms are popping up worldwide, making it easier than ever for tourists to work out and remain in shape. The next time you fly, see if the airports you’re traveling through offer a workout facility! You can purchase a pass for ROAM Fitness via TrainAway, as well as to many other gyms as soon as you arrive at your destination.

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