4 tips to make your next trip your most active one yet

We all know how challenging it can be to maintain your fitness level while on a trip. Here, TrainAway has 4 tips for you to utilize to remain healthy the next time you’re on the road.

Staying active when you’re away from home can be difficult, and often it means an unwanted disturbance of your exercise routine. At worst, falling out of your exercise routine can cause your progress to suffer AND make it exponentially tougher for you to get back into the gym-going habit when your trip is done.

Here are 4 tips from TrainAway for making your next trip your healthiest and most active one yet:

Organize your workouts in advance

When arranging your travels it’s important to incorporate the days and specific times when you’ll hit the gym while there. It’s a slippery slope from promising yourself that you’ll just figure it out when you get there to not once seeing the inside of a gym during your trip. There will be hundreds of other, more enticing things to do when you arrive at your destination, and squeezing a workout in won’t seem very appealing. Making a workout schedule for your trip ahead of time will both eliminate the temptation of skipping the gym and increase the chances that you actually stick to the schedule you’ve created.

Mix things up

Think of traveling as a respite from your daily routine, which can and should be reflected in your travel workouts. Switch things up by doing a new routine with different amounts of cardio or strength training than you’re used, or work on muscles that you usually don’t think about. Use your time in a new venue to try new-to-you ways of working out – you may just discover something new that you enjoy and can be added into your regular fitness routine.

Short and sweet

Get in, get on it, and get out! One of the most significant hurdles for the active traveler to overcome is prioritizing workout out. Maybe you have a packed schedule during a business trip or you’re eager to explore your vacation destination to its fullest. The time you spend in the gym can reflect this. Spend no more than 45 minutes (an hour max) in the gym, and then get out of there and on your way. You’ll feel better for having gone to the gym, but you didn’t go to this new destination to spend a ton of time on the treadmill, now did you?

Find the right gym in advance

Saving the biggest difficulty for last – the gyms themselves. One lousy gym experience and your determination to work out during your trip vanishes. Do your homework using the TrainAway app to find the best gyms near where you’ll be staying. That way half the work is already done before you even arrive, so all you need to do is get yourself to the gym!

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