Where can travelers work out in Moscow?

Planning a trip to Moscow or already there? know you’ll want to work out in Moscow during your trip, then you’ve come to the right place! We don’t think travel should be a barrier to fitness compiled a list of the best gyms for travelers to exercise in during a trip to Moscow.

World Class

A premium fitness chain that offers both a pleasant and comfortable in-gym experience, designed to make even the weariest travelers feel right at home, and convenient, central locations.

World Class provides modern equipment, great facilities, and outstanding service. Each location has everything you need right on hand, from towels to padlocks and even plastic bags to store your sweaty gym clothes in. Many of their locations also have cafes where you can get a proper lunch or just a protein shake to go depending on what you need.

World Class has various central locations to work out in Moscow. We suggest that you use the TrainAway app to find the gym nearest to where you’re staying and to purchase day pass access to your preferred World Class gym. If you’re interested in one of the classes your nearby World Class gym provides, make sure to arrive on time and sign up for the class. You can find the class schedules on their website.

World Class Smolenskaya Passage work out in Moscow Russia TrainAway

World Class Smolenskaya Passage

MSK Crossfit & Fight Club

Located in the heart of Moscow, this spacious New York-inspired gym provides you with all the equipment you need to get a great workout in. You can either work out on your own or sign up for a class depending on your preference and mood. You can find the class schedule on their website. MSK Crossfit & Fight Club provides towels, locker keys, and even micellar water for the ladies so you can remove your makeup before hitting the weights. The gym also has a small shop where you can buy essentials like boxing gloves, bandages, skincare products, and workout clothes. So if you left your boxing gloves at home (because who has room for those in their carry-on, right??) that won’t have to stop you from getting a great workout in.

MSK Crossfit & Fight Club work out in Moscow Russia TrainAway

MSK Crossfit & Fight Club

Rocky Road Gym

A boxing and functional training club located not too far from the famous Hotel Ukraine. Rocky Road Gym has everything you need to get a quick but solid work out in Moscow, whether you want a functional workout or to just box it out on the punching bags for an hour or so. The staff is extremely kind and open and are always happy to offer tips or show you around the gym.

Rocky Road Gym work out in Moscow Russia TrainAway

Rocky Road Gym

No matter your fitness level or interest, rest assured that you can find a gym to work out in Moscow that suits your needs. We’ll make your travel workout as easy as possible, so don’t forget to pack your gym clothes! Download the TrainAway app, find your nearest gym or the one you like best, and buy a day pass through the app for an easy and hassle-free workout experience.


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