Tallinn: Top Travel Destination 2018

Tallinn is a city where old and new come together. As Estonia celebrates its 100th anniversary of independence in 2018, there’s never been a better time to visit. Tallinn was named Lonely Planet’s Best Value Destination of 2018. Worth exploring is the up-and-coming Kalamaja district, boasting a truly bohemian atmosphere, and the Telliskivi Creative City; but all of the city’s neighborhoods have their own distinct personality. Now, TrainAway can also help you find the best gyms in Tallinn while on your sightseeing tour. 

Tallinn offers the curious visitor a wide variety of things to see and experience, from visiting museums, churches, and parks to walking around the beautiful old town of Tallinn to window-shopping at the historic handicraft and glassblowing shops.

Something else you can do in Tallinn? Hit the gym! Visit the TrainAway destination MyFitness, which has several high-quality and fully-equipped gyms in Tallinn. With TrainAway you can find gyms in Tallinn wherever you’re staying, and buy day passes at the press of a button.

Keep reading for our list of top tourist destinations and for some places where you can get a great workout in along the way!

Pirita District

Pirita beach and the yacht club are a main attraction in the summertime. Get beach body-ready at MyFitness Pirita, located close to the beach, the marina, and Pirita Convent Ruins.

Pirita Convent Tallinn Estonia TrainAway

Pirita Convent

Rocca al Mare

Sitting at the western edge of the city in the coastal district of Rocca al Mare is a summer manor built in 1863 by local baron Arthur Girard de Soucanton. Today this estate is the site of the Estonian Open Air Museum, a forested park where traditional Estonian village life is recreated. 

Open Air Museum Tallinn Estonia TrainAway

Open Air Museum

Viru Square

Viru is a square in the city centre that is surrounded by old buildings and narrow streets. Close to the square you will find Viru Gate, KGB Museum, Hinke Tower,  Tammsaare Park, Musumägi Park, and more. 

Viru Gate Tallinn Estonia TrainAway

Viru Gate

City Center

MyFitness Rävala is MyFitness’ newest and most high-tech gym location. The gym is located in the city center, from which you can reach Toompea Castle, the traditional seat of power in Estonia. Don’t miss the amazing street art when you’re in the area either!

Toompea Castle Tallinn Estonia TrainAway

Toompea Castle 

Tallinn International Airport

Right outside the airport you can find one of our favourite gyms in Tallinn, MyFitness Ülemiste City,  which has a well-equipped gym, two spacious training studios and a swimming complex. Ülemiste City is a commercial area, home to many international companies and the biggest privately owned tech hub in northern Europe. Close by is beautiful Jüriöö Park, which has sculptures and monuments commemorating many important events from throughout Estonian history.

Jüriöö Park Tallinn Estonia TrainAway

Jüriöö Park





With TrainAway you don’t need to change your workout when travelling, so let TrainAway be your guide to both the best sights and gyms in Tallinn!



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