CrossFit – A TrainAway Challenge

CrossFit is a high-intensity fitness regime that combines elements from different types of exercise and sports to create a unique training method. Your typical CrossFit workout consists of exercises and movements inspired by gymnastics, weightlifting, running and rowing, all performed at high intensity. A major factor in CrossFit’s popularity and success is the large community of CrossFit devotees who support one another and help each other improve at their CrossFit skills and strength.

If you’re one of those CrossFit devotees – maybe you’re just getting into it or you’re a lifelong obsessive – chances are you don’t want to miss out on your CrossFit workouts when you’re traveling and away from your regular CrossFit gym. So we put together this list of destinations where you can easily, cheaply, and quickly buy day passes to great CrossFit gyms.


Norce, Copenhagen’s newest CrossFit box, is a TrainAway destination located in the Nordhavn neighborhood of Copenhagen. Norce focuses on quality, environment and cohesion, aiming to create an inclusive community where you truly enjoy your workout. 

Here’s a full list of gyms throughout Denmark to which you can buy day pass access via TrainAway and which offer CrossFit workouts/facilities:

Dansk Fitness Stege 

Det Ny Scala

Fysio Danmark – A-Fys Solrød

Fysio Danmark – Hillerød 

Go’ Form 

My Gym 

Estonia – Tallinn

If you’re already in Denmark, why not also pay a visit to nearby Estonia? One of Tallinn’s best gyms, My Fitness Balti Jaama Turg, has a CrossFit training program to which you can buy one-time access directly via the TrainAway app. It’s also located close to popular tourist spots like Tallinn’s central train station, St. Olaf’s church, and Towers’ Square.

CrossFit gyms Tallinn Estonia

St Olaf’s church in the heart of Tallinn

The Netherlands – The Hague

The Hague is the Netherlands’ third-largest city, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam. It’s full of cultural and historical places and major tourist attractions; the main ones you should visit are Binnenhof Palace, Noordeinde Palace, and the Peace Palace.

Legend Fitness & Health in the Hague is a TrainAway destination which offers advanced athletes the opportunity to stay in shape during their trip to the Netherlands with a full CrossFit workout.

CrossFit gym The Hague Netherlands

Binnenhof Palace, The Hague

Russia – Moscow 

On a little island on the Moscow River you’ll find TrainAway destination MSK CrossFit and Fight Club. MSK CrossFit offers exceptionally high-quality CrossFit training, encouraging you to be a better, stronger, faster athlete every day.

For more tips on places to go and things to see in Moscow, check out our post on working out while sightseeing in Moscow!

CrossFit gym Moscow TrainAway

St Basil’s cathedral, Moscow


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