TrainAway for Fitsters

Fit + hipster = fitster

That just about sums it up, but if you’re interested in learning more about the fitster lifestyle (or becoming one yourself), here are a couple fitsters worth following: 

That Fitster Blog

Catarina of That Fitster Blog is a management consultant from Portugal currently living in London. In her free time she blogs about healthy eating, exercising, and living. She writes about how to make healthy lifestyle choices, what to eat to lose weight, how to maintain weight loss, workout routines for the fitster lifestyle, and how to get into activities such as running, yoga, HIIT and more.


Aranka of Fitgirlcode is a fitster blogger who has been inspiring people since 2014 to follow a healthier lifestyle. Her topics include the latest fitness trends, the most effective workouts, and healthy meals to support your everyday life

TrainAway for Fitsters  

TrainAway is an easy, functional, and convenient tool for keeping up with your active routine in other countries or cities. Travel is a big part of the fitster lifestyle, and TrainAway makes it easy to pursue your passion for fitness, travel, and hipsterdom simultaneously by allowing you to search for the best gyms in your area and buy day passes in just a few taps.

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