Why you don’t need to change your workout routine when travelling

Despite the range of travel workouts and hotels offering fitness facilities, until now there has been no solution to the havoc travelling wreaks on your exercise routine. This article explains how TrainAway helps fitness enthusiasts find gyms and the facilities they need wherever they are in the world.

If you’re a serious gym-goer with a set routine and clear goals, being away from home for a while can be a pain – especially if you want to find a gym in a new place. Working out in your home gym is super easy. You know you have the equipment, the environment, and the support you need to make progress. You can set yourself targets with realistic expectations of being able to hit them.

It's always hard to find a gym as good as your own

Being away from home can easily disrupt this process. We all know how quickly you can lose the gains you’ve been painstakingly working to build if you miss just one or two sessions. So you need to find a way to work out away from home.

Travel workouts can be unsatisfying

We’ve discussed before how travelling is no excuse for not working out. The internet is awash with ways to keep fit on holiday using just bodyweight exercises. Usually these are different modes of push ups, single leg squats and decline sit ups, with hill running or open water swimming for cardio. Finding somewhere to do these exercises is less easy, especially if you’re looking for a private area where you won’t disturb others.

Running in NYC is great...if you know where you're going

Running is usually something you can do anywhere, and the idea seems appealing on the surface. But if you’re a distance runner it’s highly unlikely that you’ll want to run 10km in an unfamiliar city. Especially if you’re away on business and the only time you have to exercise is at night.  

So you need to find a gym. Most large hotels have gyms, but if you’re used to using 30kg dumbbells and those in the hotel gym only go up to 20kg then that’s no good. The same if you normally use TRX for your core workout and all the gym has is a floor area, or you usually do 5km on the cross trainer and it’s out of order. Hotels don’t prioritise their fitness facilities, and why would they? Most people go on holiday to relax and indulge.

It's not easy to find a gym with TRX in most hotels

How to find a gym when travelling

So you need to find a proper gym. Like the one you go to at home, with a full range of well-maintained equipment that the locals use. However, we know the challenges this presents. Do you know if the gym is any good? How will you buy access? Will you be able to get over the language barrier?

TrainAway was created to solve these problems. With a global database of over 140,000 gyms it’s easy to find a good one just round the corner. And at TrainAway you can buy a day pass on your phone that gives you access to your chosen gym without any extended hassle or logistics.

With TrainAway easily find a gym and gain access when travelling

This way, you can get access to the equipment and the environment you need when away from home. It means no interruptions to your regime, and not having to deal with the pain of restarting when you get back.

Download the TrainAway app from the App Store or Google Play, or visit trainaway.fit to learn more.

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