FAQs about the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway

Are you an IHRSA member who’s interested in joining the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway? Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the IHRSA Passport Program, TrainAway, and how the program works. Not yet an IHRSA member? Learn more about IHRSA membership at ihrsa.org/membership.

What is the IHRSA Passport Program?
The IHRSA Passport Program provides members of enrolled IHRSA clubs with guest privileges at a network of participating IHRSA clubs worldwide so they can stay in shape when they travel. What’s more, members of participating clubs receive a 25% discount when purchasing a one-day pass at a Passport club. Because the IHRSA Passport Program is reciprocal, enrolled clubs must commit to welcoming Passport visitors from clubs at least 50 miles/80 kilometers away and to extending them a savings of 25% on a one-day pass.

What are the benefits of enrolling in the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway?
In addition to the added value to your members that we mentioned above, the IHRSA Passport Program can generate revenue for your business. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to promote the offering to your members and train your staff. TrainAway has several features that make the process easy. The TrainAway app allows for an easy check-in process when Passport users visit your club, and you can choose to receive funds from these visits via automatic deposit to your business bank account or e-Check.

How do I enroll in the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway?
Complete this enrollment form, then look for an email confirmation that includes a link to download a Passport toolkit containing resources to assist you in communicating the program to your staff and your members, as well as your club’s invitation code. Your traveling members will enter the invitation code into their profile on the TrainAway app to save 25% when purchasing a one-day pass at IHRSA Passport clubs.

How will my traveling members use the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by Trainway?
It’s simple! Your members will need to create an account on the TrainAway app and enter your club’s invitation code on their profile to receive a savings of 25% when purchasing a one-day pass at IHRSA Passport clubs. Enrolled clubs receive a Passport toolkit that includes marketing materials you can share with your members.

How should I educate my employees about the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway?
Participating clubs receive a Passport toolkit, which includes all that is needed to train your staff. Download the toolkit here.

How do I check in an IHRSA Passport visitor to my club?
Thanks to the TrainAway mobile app, the check-in process is quick and easy. When someone purchases a one-day pass to your club, the app will prompt them to activate the pass once they’re ready to workout. When they come into your club, your employees need only verify that the pass on the visitor’s phone screen is active and the 2-hour timer is counting down.

Who sets the price of one-day passes?
You do! When enrolling you tell us your price for a one-day pass (before the 25% discount is applied).

If a member leaves my club, will they still receive the IHRSA Passport discount?
At any time you can request a change to your club’s invitation code, thereby ensuring that former members will no longer receive the IHRSA Passport discount as a member of your club. It’s also possible to remove individual accounts, if required, by contacting us directly.

How are my banking details used and how can I trust that this information is safeguarded?

Security is our top priority. Your information is solely used to transfer the funds generated at your club(s) to you, and are stored on TransferWise and our secure AES 192-bit encryption server to prevent unauthorized access. We use TransferWise, the fastest growing online money transfer platform in the world, to provide you with the best possible solution.

Are there any restrictions on the sale of day passes?
Yes. We set a limit on the number of one-day passes per user, per club. The standard number of passes that a user can purchase to your gym is eight per year, but you can request that this amount be increased or decreased according to your preference. In addition, users can only benefit from their Passport discount at gyms which are located at least 50 miles/80 kilometers away from their home gym.

When do I receive funds from the sale of day passes?
The money you earn through the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway, will be delivered to you each month. You will also receive a monthly overview report showing the number of Passport visitors to your club, the revenue received, and other data to help you learn more about your guests.

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