The Top 40 Best Fitness Blogs You Should Be Following in 2019

At TrainAway we always keep our ears to the ground when it comes to the best fitness blogs. We follow some awesome sites, some full of inspiring personal stories and others giving the highest quality factual advice. There’s a huge range out there, so we’ve taken the trouble of sorting 40 of the best for you. So let’s dive straight into the TrainAway Best Fitness Blogs awards, starting with the different categories.

Award Categories

  1. Best All-Round Fitness Blog
  2. Most Insightful Fitness Blog
  3. Most Motivational Fitness Blog
  4. Funniest Fitness Blog
  5. Most Empowering Fitness Blog
  6. Most Relatable Fitness Blog
  7. Best Fitness Blog for Diet
  8. Best Running Blog

Winners were selected by a team of experienced fitness followers at TrainAway HQ, based on tone, style, variety, relevance and authority.

1. Best All-Round Fitness Blog

Winner: MyFitnessPal

Nominated: Blogilates, Breaking Muscle, Daily Burn, Mindbodygreen, FitFluential

Some blogs are niche, with a select audience, and others aim to appeal to all. This category is definitely the latter, dominated by the big players in the fitness industry. Any of these sites could be a one-stop-shop for your needs, and it’s easy to become absorbed by the wealth of information. We’ve highlighted 6 of the best fitness blogs in this category.

Best All-Round Fitness Blog Nominees:

Content comes thick and fast on Breaking Muscle, and you’ll easily find something that matches your view, or helps you meet your goals. Climbers, yoga enthusiasts, body builders and cardio junkies, there’s something for everyone here. Articles not only give you tips, but explain why it’s important to take a certain course of action. This is something we really like, given the number of blogs making recommendations without any justification. 


Mixing workout plans with lifestyle and commentary, Blogilates is a vibrant, high energy blog with all-round appeal. It’s not just long text either, there are plenty of videos to follow, as well as a range of useful infographics. Though the content is wide reaching and informative, we feel it may be a bit too glossy for some; it definitely puts a positive spin on things!

Daily Burn is capturing the imagination of a wide range of fitness enthusiasts wanting guidance without having to go to the gym or pay a personal trainer. Their blog really acts as an extension of this, giving a range of tips and suggestions for different fitness activities – providing coverage of, or the substance behind certain workouts. It’s easy reading and comprehensive in its coverage, which is regularly updated and concisely written.

Mindbodygreen is a web project that seems determined to get us all to improve the healthiness of our lifestyles. Helpfully split into categories to help you choose content relevant for you, the professionalism of the main site spills over onto the blog. With a broader wellness focus than other blogs, there’s content on everything from meditation to rural adventures here. Narrowly missing out on the winner’s award, Mindbodygreen is still one of the best fitness blogs online.

More of an online magazine than a fitness blog, this glossy website covers the full spectrum from diet to health to exercise. Some great guest authors appear on the posts, as well as content from the everyday fitness enthusiast. FitFluential‘s quest to provide everything you need for a fit and healthy lifestyle is realised here.

Best All-Round Fitness Blog Winner:TrainAway Best Fitness Blogs

The blog of one of the world’s largest fitness brands, and as such the level and quality of content is also on this level. If you’re interested in a fitness diet, trend or product, the chances are that it’ll be covered here. Don’t expect many personal stories here though; this is fitness, commercialised. However, the breadth of content, and the quality of the content means MyFitnessPal’s Blog is at the very top of our rankings of the Best Fitness Blogs.




2. Most Insightful Fitness Blog

Winner: ACE Insights Blog

Nominated: Born Fitness, Girls Gone Strong, IDEA Fit, Knocked-Up Fitness, Yoga Dork, CheckMeowt

Have you ever been reading some fitness advice and questioned the authenticity or expertise of the author? This category explores the best fitness blogs written by expert authors in which you can have complete faith in the guidance and conclusions given.

Most Insightful Fitness Blog Nominees:

With such a large range of nutritional supplements out there, the blog from Born Fitness is a lifeline. Giving a range of advice on nutrition for exercise, Born Fitness provides simple guidance on the best ways to get in shape, straight from the minds of industry experts. We like the honesty of the blog, and the real contribution they’re making to the health and fitness world.

Girls Gone Strong has moved from a fitness blog to a fully-fledged coaching platform, with events and an accredited program. The blog is stronger and more authoritative than ever, with guest articles from some extremely well-qualified authors, all focused on empowering women to work in, and make the most of the fitness industry. We’re extremely impressed with their achievements so far.

This is a blog written for, and largely by, industry professionals. So the content reflects some of the latest industry trends in addition to providing some great, authoritative advice. There is some great guidance if you’re working in the industry, too. Fitness advice starts with the industry’s full time professionals, so IDEA‘s involvement is vital for keeping up the quality.

It’s no secret what this blog is about. Everything for keeping fit during and after pregnancy; there’s an almost exhaustive range of workout plans and general advice, all written in a supporting tone. There’s also a podcast to keep up with their content on the move. This can be a period of great change for all involved, so it’s great there are sites like Knocked-up Fitness to guide us through it.

If you’re heavily into yoga, then you won’t find a more committed blog than Yoga Dork. As well as a comprehensive range of advice on taking up and working with yoga, the blog covers industry news, events and insights from the community. Perhaps not so useful for those outside yoga circles, but for those in the know, this is a real hotbed of quality information.

Although an all-round fitness blog, what we really like about CheckMeowt are its insights into nutrition and supplements. Knowing what works and what doesn’t can be an absolute minefield, with so many products out there. Here you’ll find detailed reviews of some of the most popular products out there, so you can make an informed buying decision. As a bonus, the team at CheckMeowt scour the internet for the best offers, potentially saving you a great deal of money on nutritional supplements.

Most Insightful Fitness Blog Winner:

TrainAway Best Fitness Blogs

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more authoritative blog than this, from the American Council of Exercise. All articles are written by experts in their field, and are deeply rooted in scientific research. The blog is particularly strong on injury prevention and treatment – something other fitness blogs aren’t always so strong on. The ACE Insights Blog commands trust and respect, and for that reason it’s one of our Best Fitness Blogs.


3. Most Motivational Fitness Blog

Winner: Tony Gentilcore

Nominated: Chronicles of Strength, Natalie Jill Fitness, Badass Fitness, 12 Minute Athlete

Whether you’re looking to get yourself started, or are trying to take a step up to the next level, these are the best fitness blogs for you. You’ll find a no-nonsense approach committed solely to helping you reach your fitness goals.

Most Motivational Fitness Blog Nominees: 

The author of Chronicles of Strength, Pat Flynn sees himself as more than just a fitness coach, driving you towards success in your career, as well as in fitness. The belief is that by multi disciplinary you bring different skills to bear on other parts of your life. The regular blog and podcast take an assertive approach to working hard to achieve your fitness, and non-fitness goals.

Natalie Jill might seem to have that physique that the rest of us can only dream about, but the workouts she suggests are achievable by all. Add to that a range of lifestyle stories for inspiration, and you’ll find the blog a great kick to get you to the gym. The content is great for all stages of your workout progression, so wherever you are in your cycle, this blog can help.

On the more serious side of things, Badass Fitness concentrates on a more rigorous approach to fitness. Its founder, Shannon, calls herself the ‘Little Drill Sergeant’ and you certainly get that feel on her blog. She’s a qualified coach fully invested in the vegan-fitness lifestyle, and her achievements are an inspiration for the rest of us.

12 Minute Athlete site is dedicated to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and is one of the best fitness blogs for having a seemingly endless supply of workout suggestions. It’s great for those people who want to get fit without spending hours in the gym, and puts diet on the backseat, saying that if you get the exercise part right, you won’t have to worry about what you eat.

Most Motivational Fitness Blog Winner:

TrainAway Best Fitness Blogs

Tony Gentilcore‘s blog is serious about getting, and keeping fit. No nonsense advice and strong-worded motivational statements will certainly give you the kick you need to get going. Regular updates keep you in the loop, and guest articles will ensure there’s a range of opinions to listen to. It’s the genuine tone that makes this one of the best fitness blogs out there. It seems Tony is just as interested in your success as the success of his site.


4. Funniest Fitness Blog

Winner: Nerd Fitness

Nominated: Gym Talk, Roman Fitness Systems

Though many of us are completely serious about our fitness goals, there’s no reason why there can’t be humor involved too. After all, fitness is largely something we do for fun…right? Here are some blogs that’ll make you laugh whilst still dispensing some pretty good tips and advice.

Funniest Fitness Blog Nominees:

Gym Talk has hit the sweet spot in terms of the balance between serious advice and light-hearted commentary. With regular workout reviews and tips interspersed with gym humor, you won’t be weighed down by the content found in this blog. Some of the posts are laugh-out-loud funny, not least because they describe situations we’re all too familiar with.

The tone at Roman Fitness Systems isn’t for everyone, but there is a large community who swear by the confident, hard edged approach. We’re not sure if it’s all meant to be funny, but that’s certainly how we decided to take it! What’s striking about the blog is the level of engagement each post gets from the community, which perhaps tells its own story.

Funniest Fitness Blog Winner:

TrainAway Best Fitness Blogs

The widely-acclaimed Nerd Fitness is a common-touch blog giving tips and inspiration for a huge range of fitness strategies. Its style is extremely easy to read and relate to, especially as most articles promote a common-sense approach to fitness. What’s great is that they use humor as a vehicle for making the serious content of their posts as entertaining as possible. So you’ll enjoy reading them, and get something from it too. Even outside the ‘Funniest Fitness Blogs’ category, this is easily one of the best fitness blogs on the internet.


5. Most Empowering Fitness Blog

Winner: Jessi Kneeland

Nominated: My Name is Jessamyn, Neghar Fonooni, Workout Mommy, Super Fit Hero

Sometimes it’s hard to summon up the energy to feel good about yourself, whether you’re exercising every day or once a month. The authors of these blogs are truly inspirational in their message and in their personal achievements.

Most Empowering Fitness Blog Nominees:

Not your typical fitness blog, or fitness blogger, Jessamyn is a self-proclaimed ‘Fat Femme’, who posts regularly about her yoga activities. She’s a great advocate of being body confident – no matter how you look. Her blog is a refreshing break from the number of picture-perfect female fitness blogs out there.

You won’t find many more outwardly-confident women than Neghar Fonooni, and her content is highly inspiring for the female fitness enthusiast – and guys could learn a thing or two too! Brutally honest in what she discusses, there’s much more than fitness on this blog.

Workout Mommy has been going for over 10 years and that wealth of experience is shown in the blog. It covers the journey from personal trainer to mother of four boys, and finding time to keep fit. Many of the current fitness trends are viewed through her eyes, and Lisa’s authoritative voice shines through.

Super Fit Hero is the site of Roz the Diva, a former American Idol Contestant and plus-size pole dancer. The site is dedicated to body positivity and celebrating the achievements of plus-sized fitness enthusiasts. They’ve even started their own plus-size model agency.

Most Empowering Fitness Blog Winner:

TrainAway Best Fitness Blogs

Jessi Kneeland is ‘on a mission to set women free from the life-crippling effect of body image issues.’ With that in mind, her blog is filled with empowering material around growing body confidence, whether that be fitness, diet or general motivation. She’s been featured across the internet, and even has her own TED Talk. Jessi is a great ambassador for feeling good about ourselves however we look, and despite a strong field we had no hesitation in naming Jessi Kneeland the Most Empowering Fitness Blog.


6. Most Relatable Fitness Blog

Winner: The Great Fitness Experiment

Nominated: Comeback Momma, The Fitnessista, Powercakes, Love Sweat Fitness, Running off the Reeses, Jesse Runs

One of the reasons why we turn to blogs is that we want to read from someone like us. Someone who has been through the same struggles as us, telling personal stories that we can really relate to. The following are the best fitness blogs in that category, with some inspiring accounts behind them.

Most Relatable Fitness Blog Nominees:

Most women with kids will be able to relate to the sentiments on Comeback Momma. The blog is great at suggesting ways to keep fit and healthy with the family – activities you can all do together that helps you meet your goals. Travel, diet, workouts, this blog has it covered.

One of the most down-to-earth blogs out there, the Fitnessista is a reflection of author Gina’s personal journey to restoring her personal confidence after having kids. Losing 40 pounds and getting fit, she now shares her tips on workouts, diets and style with her growing audience.

Written by an award-winning author, Powercakes is definitely a more down-to-earth option than some other blogs. It’s targeted at the normal person, and though aimed at advertising owner Kasey’s own program, there’s plenty to get stuck into before starting that.

If you’re looking for a personal story to inspire you, then Katie from Love Sweat Fitness could be the one. Her own story of being overweight and struggling with the huge number of fitness and diet trends led her to start her own blog, which focuses on real life change we can all make. From sleeping better to music suggestions, there’s some great stuff on Katie’s blog you won’t find in many other places.

Exactly as the name suggests, Running off the Reese’s is a blog for normal people who like to indulge in the nicer things in life, but also like to keep fit. Cely, the author, is a marathon runner who has overcome her fair share of hurdles – which she shares with us on her blog. It also includes personal reflections on items outside the fitness sphere.

Much more than just a running diary, Jess Runs is a window into the life of Jess, the author. With a grounding in exercise, her blog extends far beyond this, covering the usual diet and motivation, as well as a regular ‘Books I’ve read’ feature, showing fitness is also about general lifestyle.

Most Relatable Fitness Blog Winner:

TrainAway best fitness blogs

Sometimes fitness blogs can be a bit heavy, and serious. Not so with Charlotte of The Great Fitness Experiment, who loves to inject humor into her blogs. With very personal stories about her own attempts to become fitter and more stylish, as well as some deeply serious posts, this is one of the best fitness blogs and one of the most down-to-earth and relatable out there.


7. Best Fitness Blog For Diet

Winner: The Lean Green Bean

Nominated: Summer Tomato, Fitness in the City, Fit Bottomed Girls

The best fitness blogs all comment on diet in some form. It’s essential for a healthy lifestyle, which is what all of these blogs are promoting. However, some do it better than others. These are the best fitness blogs for giving you relevant and useful advice, tips and recipes for eating your way to a healthier lifestyle…whilst also giving some great exercise guidance.

Best Fitness Blog For Diet Nominees:

Concentrating more on diet than exercise, everyone serious about exercise will know it’s important to do both. The blog aims to give advice on using diet to meet your fitness goals. It’s written in a personal style that makes the situations described easy to relate to.

This Australia-inspired blog is great for a down-under take on fitness development. Targeted at the urban dweller looking for escapism through health, diet and fitness, Fitness in the City has the full range of content, from lifestyle suggestions to fitness advice for the working professional. It’s also extremely pleasing on the eye, with some vibrant food photos that’ll have you licking your lips!

Fit Bottomed Girls is about more than fitness, looking into all round health. There is a specific section on workouts, zen and for mothers, but the section on diet we particularly like. The content is professionally-written but also has personal touches, to give you confidence that the authors know what they’re talking about.

Best Fitness Blog For Diet Winner:

TrainAway Best Fitness Blogs

With a strong focus on diet, the Lean Green Bean is written by a dietician, who gives advice on living the all round healthy life. Lindsay, the blog’s author, also discusses her own experiences with keeping fit and healthy whilst having kids. It’s one of the best fitness blogs because it combines professional authorship with a relatable tone.


8. Best Running Blogs

Winner: Black Girls Run

Nominated: Race Pace Jess, Jill Will Run, Run to the Finish, Running Diva Mom

Some see running as the easiest route into fitness; it requires no equipment and is suitable for all levels. But there’s still a huge amount you can learn, and the best fitness blogs for runners will both teach you and motivate you. Here are five that hit a good balance between encouragement and inspiration.

Best Running Blogs Nominees:

Jess’s blog is the foundation for a full running community, a virtual running club aimed at putting you on track and keeping you there. Filled with personal experiences and reflections (particularly her own fitness journey through pregnancy) it’s easy to see why people have been driven to join the community.

Jill Will Run is the full service fitness blog. Podcast, product reviews, workouts and lifestyle advice. It may seem heavily commercialized, with the number of affiliate programs she has running. However, look carefully and you’ll be able to pick up some great deals yourself.

Amanda Brooks is a veteran runner – and blogger. With nearly 2,000 blog posts Run to the Finish covers the full spectrum when it comes to running, and is refreshingly honest. She fully acknowledges that marathon running isn’t for everyone, and gives advice tailored on individual goals. There are some great guest articles too.

Jamie is a mother of three but doesn’t let that get in the way of her fitness. She started Running Diva Mom in 2009 and has since started her own studio, having coached over 1,000 women of all abilities in running and healthier lifestyles. Her blog gives plenty of tips and general guidance in that area too.

Best Running Blog Winner:

TrainAway Best Fitness Blogs

Black Girls Run started as a blog encouraging more of the female African-American community to get exercising, and now is a full-blown movement, with regular press coverage and events. The blog is still driving more of the community to get outside and keep fit. Not just the best running blog, this is overall one of the best fitness blogs in any category. It’s empowering, relatable and gives some great quality advice and commentary.

Thoughts or Comments on TrainAway’s Best Fitness Blogs?

So there you have it, our Best Fitness Blogs to watch out for in 2019. We’re always looking for new great sites, and we also want to hear your thoughts. If you have any comments or suggestions, you’re very welcome to contact us.

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