IHRSA Passport Program Goes Live!

After months of hard work, the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway is now live. There are now 450 new gyms on the TrainAway platform, with 250 open to all TrainAway users, with these numbers set to increase throughout the year. This fantastic news sees TrainAway launch partner gyms in North and South America, as well as expanded coverage in Europe. It means we can provide an even better service to both users and health club owners.

What is the IHRSA Passport Program?

The IHRSA Passport Program is built to encourage members of health clubs to stay active when away from home. It is a network of clubs all over the world that offers guest access for members of the program to train while traveling. Now, members of IHRSA gyms all over the world will be able to easily access gyms when traveling through the TrainAway app. They’ll also be able to do this at a discounted rate. You can read the full FAQs here.

Will it affect regular TrainAway users?

Regular TrainAway users will notice no difference to the service offered up to this point. Except, of course, the number of places available to train just got much larger. There are some fantastic new gyms in some great locations, and even in whole new countries. They are all still accessible in the same easy way through the TrainAway app. Over the coming months we’ll be unveiling even more exciting new TrainAway destinations.

Can IHRSA members still enroll?

It’s not too late! Enrollment is done at a club level and takes just a couple of minutes. It’s a great way of giving something back to your members, and boosting your club’s own revenue. If you’re an IHRSA member club owner or manager and you want your clubs to be available on the TrainAway platform, click here to access the enrollment form.

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