5 reasons to workout during your holiday

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If you’re on the road, traveling to new places and relaxing as much as you possibly can, perhaps going to the gym is not very high on your list of priorities. True, there are some fitness enthusiasts that love to train so much that they can’t imagine slacking off for a few weeks. But other mere mortals like myself do need a fresh dose of motivation to change our perception of training in order to do so. Hopefully, the reasons and benefits presented in this article will motivate you to train during the holidays with the same enjoyment as any other times of the year. Here are the 5 reasons to workout during your holiday.

1. You’ll Avoid Physical Regression

The first of the 5 reasons to workout during your holiday is about avoiding physical regression. Sure, it’s easy to go with the flow and follow the trend of lazying around with 99% of the population. But after the holidays are over, you also get to enjoy the same negative impacts as well. Arguably the greatest feeling out there is to go against the grain, breaking barriers and thinking differently – and actually reaping the benefits of those actions. That is definitely what will happen if you decide to go to the gym, lift weights and/or do calisthenics while others are partying and eating junk food.

Does that mean that you won’t have a fun time? Of course not. In fact, you’ll get to have more fun because you’ll be in top physical shape throughout your holidays and get to meet a lot of great local people on your work out. You’ll also get to enjoy food and drinks far more because you’ll be aware that most of those calories will be spent well in the gym. If you didn’t train in that timeframe, all of those excess calories would be stored as fat reserves, and you’d be destined to grueling after-holiday cardio sessions.

That’s one of the top reasons why so many people start to train in January. It’s not only the New Years resolutions that push them to get a gym membership. It’s also got to do with eating tons of food during the Christmas time, and then feeling guilty about it. But if you train like a beast during that time as well, you can truly minimize the negative impact and have fun without feeling guilty about it.

2. You’ll Stay Healthy

Traveling, changing locations and breaking your everyday routine might be fun for a while, but it can also run havoc on your health. I’m not saying you’re going to die, but the jet lag and the tiredness associated with travel can be a bit overwhelming if you completely lose your routine.

Going to the gym is probably one of those things you’re relatively strict about, as you do it week in, week out. If you keep on training while on vacation, you can maintain a sense of normalcy even while away from home. This will also keep you on track in terms of your diet. When you stop training, it’s normal to also get loose when it comes to eating junk food. But when you have those weights and mirrors to contend with, having a natural sense of discipline is a much easier task.

On top of that, even if you let loose in other areas, getting in a good workout will help you stay healthy by raising your immune system and keeping your testosterone levels in proper range as well. Here is a guide to living healthy in a city like Rome without having to join a gym.

3. Make Progress

Aside from the mere worries about regressing in terms of aesthetics and strength, there is absolutely zero reasons why you couldn’t progress as well if you put in the required effort. In fact, training in a different location can provide a mental and physical boost, as your body has to adjust to different weights and machines. This can by itself provide a different stimulus, and especially if you design a new training program around the new training equipment you have at your disposal.

The truth is that to gain strength, a natural lifter shouldn’t be training for more than 3-4 days a week. That is completely accomplishable while on holidays. You’ll probably be eating more calories than usual, which is only a bonus if your goal is to gain strength and add muscle to your frame. Why let the time and resources go to waste when you could utilize them and actually make progress that you can be proud of when you return home?

4. Mental Wellbeing

Workouts are not only great for longterm, visually-oriented goals. They’re also valuable for the imminent effects that they produce on our mental and physical well-being. The most obvious benefit is higher energy levels. Go without training for a few days, and you’re bound to experience diminishing energy levels. It sounds counter-intuitive since you’re actually preserving energy.

But your body is actually adjusting to lesser physical activity by reducing its potential energy output. So instead of having more energy, you get to feel like a grandpa who’s visiting a retirement facility in Florida. The saying that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is completely true in this regard. Instead of making this all too common mistake of completely resting, train at least 2-3 times a week to keep yourself properly energized.

5. You’ll Look Better

And finally, we come to the point that most of us train for in the first place – looks. Not to be shallow, but that’s the way it is. We want to not only feel good but also look great as well. If you’re going to a beach resort or traveling during summer time in general, you’ll probably be taking your shirt off often.

Why would you be in your worst shape during the time when your physique should be at an optimal level? That’s what would happen if you partied, ate crap and didn’t train for a few weeks. It only takes a bit of discipline to have fun and look aesthetic at the same time.

So there you have it – 5 reasons why you should keep training even during those lazy holiday days. There is no reason to stop working out just because someone calls it a holiday. If you love to train and don’t find it a hassle, squeeze in a couple of workouts. Your body, mind, and spirit will reward you for the effort. Check out gyms near your at www.trainaway.fit

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