Kristaps Vilde – TrainAway’s Most Adventurous Ambassador?

At TrainAway we’re always trying to spread the word about the best ways to travel and keep fit at the same time. So we’re delighted to welcome the ultra-adventurous Kristaps Vilde to our team of ambassadors. Kristaps is a well-known face in the Latvian fitness scene, where he is known for his innovative approaches to helping people stay active.

Kristaps Vilde takes people on great fitness journeys

As well as offering personal training sessions within Latvia, he is better known for the Kristaps Vilde Fitness Camps. These usually involve jetting off to somewhere off the beaten path, the Moroccan Sahara, the volcanoes of the Canary Islands or the mountains of Georgia. The camps are based around staying fit whilst exploring some of the most beautiful places on earth. The Kristaps Vilde approach looks to bring together groups of like-minded people to make the most of their fitness and travel experiences.

Kristaps Vilde and TrainAway

There’s a great connection between what Kristaps and TrainAway are trying to achieve. Kristaps has recently been working with us on our latest campaign in the Baltics with MyFitness, but will also be looking further afield. We both strongly believe that travel does not have to be harmful to your health. In fact, time away from home can be a great opportunity to enhance your fitness and wellbeing. Being in new locations should encourage exercise, inspired by opportunities to try new locations and mix with new people. Of course, it also creates some great photo opportunities too, and Kristaps is a master of this.

Kristaps Vilde makes sure to spend time out of the gym too

We’re hugely excited to welcome Kristaps to the team and are looking forward to see where he’s off to next. You can see for yourself by visiting the Kristaps Vilde website.

Although the ultimate goal is to get out in great locations like this, we know that’s not possible for everyone! That’s why at TrainAway we’re committed to making it easy to find a gym no matter your location. This might be in a huge metropolis like Paris or even a smaller country town. Kristaps makes fitness special, but there are also many months of the year you just need to maintain your usual routine. If you’re away from home, this could be difficult – unless, of course you have TrainAway.

TrainAway is a digital platform that helps you find and access a gym anywhere in the world. Buy day passes to gyms near you using the TrainAway app, available from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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