Keep Fit in Las Vegas: Working out in the City of Sin

In a city where there is a restaurant with scales outside to measure how much weight you can gain during a meal, it might not always seem a priority to keep fit in Las Vegas. However, the city of sin is fast becoming one of the hottest TrainAway destinations. So do some people actually come out in better shape than when they left? We decided to lift the lid on this typecast city, and look at those who travel to Las Vegas for reasons other than partying.

Las Vegas hotels

Fitness Travelers in Las Vegas

We’ve all seen images and video  of decadent behaviour in Las Vegas. It is a city built on fulfilling our wildest dreams, from entertainment to food to gambling. Its famous strip is packed with some of the world’s most impressive hotels. These also house some of the largest, and fabulously decorated casinos on the planet. Open all day, every day, it’s no wonder this is a fantastic destination for a party vacation.

Yet scratch a little deeper and you’ll find plenty of people who don’t spend their Vegas days drinking, smoking and playing blackjack. Las Vegas is also one of the premier entertainment cities in the world, from music to sports to the arts. This draws in plenty of visitors drawn to a concert by their favourite band, a performance of Cirque du Soleil or the biggest boxing fight of the year. Within these groups are found plenty of fitness travelers, looking to keep fit in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is also one of the premier conference venues anywhere in the world. Each hotel boasts impressive conference facilities, easily accessible from overseas and within the US. Business travel can be harmful for the health, because of a less-balanced diet, increased alcohol intake and reduced exercise. Visiting the gym is one way of mitigating this, providing an antidote to days of inactivity. This makes conference guests are among the most likely groups wanting to keep fit in Las Vegas.

The Best Places to Keep Fit in Las Vegas

There are eight TrainAway partner gyms in Las Vegas, giving great coverage across the city. We’ve selected two of our favourites, to give you some insight into where you can keep fit in Las Vegas. So if you need some time away from the Strip, or if your hotel gym doesn’t cut it, why not try one of these:

EoS Fitness – Sahara/Cimarron

Easily accessible a short distance west of central, EoS Fitness’s Sahara/Cimarron center is one of the best equipped gyms in Las Vegas. Spacious areas are filled with almost every piece of equipment imaginable. Round-the-clock opening hours make the gym always accessible. Meanwhile, the motivational environment can easily distract from any earlier indulgences. Day passes are available through the TrainAway platform.

EoS Fitness Las Vegas Sahara

EoS Fitness – Pecos/Russell

The Pecos/Russell center from EoS Fitness is one of the newest in the city. As such, its facilities are among the most modern available. Found close to McCarran International Airport, it is easily accessible by car or cab, and with 24 hour opening, this can be any time of the day. A bright, airy fitness environment can provide a great antidote to Las Vegas’s other distractions. Buy your day pass through TrainAway today.

EoS Fitness Las Vegas Pecos

Whether you’re in Vegas for a week or just a few days, you’ll probably need some time out at some point. These fitness centers provide a great way of escaping the constant temptation of Sin City, and can make that detox much less painful when you get home.

TrainAway is a digital platform that helps you find and access a gym anywhere in the world. Buy day passes to gyms near you using the TrainAway app, available from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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