TrainAway: The Ultimate Gym Travel Pass

As we spend more time away from home, more of us are looking for a way to easily use the gym on the road. Giving pay as you go access to gyms all over the world, TrainAway is the ultimate gym travel pass. Free to download and join, TrainAway is the easiest way to find a gym when traveling.

Travel is now an essential part of our lives in today’s globalized world. From an average of six days at the turn of the century, most of us now spend over 20 days a year away from home. This means that we cannot allow travel to disrupt our usual routine, and instead need to find ways of keeping up our activities on the road. This ranges across different aspects of our life, from maintaining sleeping patterns, diet and contact with friends, to ensuring we have time to exercise and to relax. By doing so, we can avoid many of the negative aspects of travel.

We travel more and more each year

TrainAway is committed to helping maintain a balanced lifestyle on the road, especially through exercise. By using a gym travel pass, like the TrainAway platform, you can access gyms all over the world.

What is a gym travel pass?

A gym travel pass or travel passport is a means by which you can get access to gyms when away from your home gym. Traditionally these were paper-based programs that needed co-operation between gym chains. Now, however, they are fully digitized with huge coverage available via mobile app. The process is simple: download the app, search your travel destination and find a gym that suits your needs. You then buy an eticket for your chosen gym, according to the number of times you wish to train. Simply show this ticket or ‘session pass’ to staff at the gym, and they’ll let you in. Unlike other providers, TrainAway has no subscription fee. You only pay when you use the gym.

A gym travel pass gives access to gyms all over the world

Why is it important to have a gym travel pass?

The conventional gym membership model is based on regular attendance to one or a few gyms in your home city. In some cases, this extends to a wider region or whole country. However, no single gym membership gives access to gyms all over the world. This means that travel can be enormously disruptive to maintaining an active routine. And not exercising when away from home can be hugely damaging to your health. Sometimes the difficulty in finding a gym in a new destination can prevent us from exercising at all. Having a gym travel pass takes away the complication, providing gym entry without need for language skills or local currency.

Where can I use TrainAway?

TrainAway has the most comprehensive network of any gym travel pass, with gyms in four continents.  TrainAway users can access gyms in key European travel hubs like Paris, Rome and Lisbon, as well as destinations ranging from Santiago to San Francisco to Moscow. The easiest way to find your nearest gym is using the TrainAway app, or by heading to and searching your location.

TrainAway is an easy to use gym finder platform

The IHRSA Travel Passport Program, powered by TrainAway

TrainAway is the platform used by IHRSA, the world’s largest fitness club association, with close to 10,000 member clubs. Though headquartered in the USA, the IHRSA network spreads far beyond North America, covering fitness clubs around the world. The IHRSA Passport Program enables members of participating clubs to access other clubs in the program at a discounted rate. For IHRSA member clubs, it’s a fantastic bonus to be able to offer members. IHRSA club operator or member? You can read more about the IHRSA Passport Program here.

Our goal at TrainAway is to make it as easy as possible to work out when away from home. Through creating a digital travel pass that you can use in a huge range of locations, we’re well on the way to doing so. If you want to know more about how TrainAway works, head to our FAQ page. Or you can always email us.

TrainAway is a digital platform that helps you find and access a gym anywhere in the world. Buy day passes to gyms near you using the TrainAway app, available from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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