Four Ways to Get More Travelers in Your Gym

This article runs through four simple ways to get more travelers in your gym. From letting your staff and members know, to telling the outside world, these are tried and tested methods that work.

According to every metric, TrainAway is becoming more popular by the week, but the platform is nothing without our partner gyms, and we want to make sure you’re also getting the most out of being part of the TrainAway community. We know there are some easy things to do that’ll get more travelers in your gym.

So we spoke to the teams at two of our busiest partners, Fitness Hut in Lisbon and MyFitness in Tallinn, to find out what they’ve been doing to get more travelers through their doors.

1. Include a link to TrainAway on your website
This will help traveling gym goers find you via internet search, letting them know that they can visit your gym using TrainAway. This is a great example from MyFitness:

TrainAway links on your website will help users find you


2. Post on your social media
Let the world know that you’re open for TrainAway users. It’s also a great way to tell some interesting user stories that can really resonate with travelers. If you tag us, we’ll share your posts on our accounts, so boosting their reach even more.

Post on social media and we'll share your posts

3. Advertise at your gym
Putting a poster in your front window really will get more travelers in your gym, especially if your gym is in a great city location. It also works if you’re by a busy road. The poster lets passers-by know that you’re part of the TrainAway network. It also tells your members that they can bring their friends to work out with TrainAway. Check out a poster Fitness Hut made below, and get inspired:

A great example of a poster from Fitness Hut

4. Let your staff know about TrainAway
We have a wide range of material that will give your staff everything they need to know about TrainAway, from videos to posters, so they can give a great reception to travelers visiting your gym. It’s all available on our YouTube channel. Share the video below for starters, and contact us if you’d like further training material.

Tutorial videos can help your staff

But we know this isn’t everything. With such a variety of gyms in the TrainAway community, there are always different approaches that can yield some great results. Every gym operator has some great advice to get more travelers in your gym. So if you’ve found something that’s working for you that we haven’t mentioned here, we’d love to hear from you!

This article is part of a series of TrainAway Partner Resources, materials aimed at helping you get the most from being part of the TrainAway network. If you have any other questions, we’re always happy to help.

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