7 Ways to Optimise Your Day Pass Pricing

Have you recently enrolled your gym with TrainAway and are wondering how to price a day pass to your club? Use these guidelines to help you calculate the optimal price to sell day passes to travelers. 

Setting the price that travelers pay to access your club is completely up to you. You’ll have been through this process with your regular members, but it’s not always the same when it comes to day passes. Traveling gym goers can be price sensitive and always want good value, so it’s worth putting some thought into this. TrainAway day passes range from under $5 to over $50, with the best-selling price being between $10 – $15. However, there are some factors to consider when deciding on the price you want to charge:


1. Calculate your minimum price

One way of setting a minimum price for day passes is calculating a daily rate based on your standard monthly price. Then think about how often the average member visits, and work out how much they are paying per visit.

Example: The average monthly fitness membership in the US is $60, while the average person visits around 10 times per month. Their costs per visit is therefore $6. The minimum day pass price would therefore be $6.


2. Consider the facilities you offer

It’s no surprise that those clubs selling higher-priced day passes have premium facilities. Travelers particularly value swimming pools, sauna and steam room facilities. Clubs with these can charge a premium. In addition, where classes are included these are particularly prized by certain people.

However, consider that the vast majority of those looking for fitness facilities on the road are looking for the essentials. Treadmills, cross trainers and a strong weight training area are the most popular facilities. This means that if you price your day passes for those looking for a pool and sauna, you may miss out on the larger market just seeking the basics.

3. Check what other clubs are charging

Login to the TrainAway app and have a look at other similar or nearby clubs. Some have been selling passes for some time so will have adjusted their pricing over time. Their pricing may not all be optimal, but they will at least show what you’re up against. Remember, just as with standard club memberships, you’re competing with nearby clubs. If your club is providing the same experience but at a higher price than another close by, you’ll probably lose out.


4. Think about who visits your city

Your usual club membership may be priced to suit the wealthy suburban residents nearby, but this might not suit travelers. Alternatively, your club may be ideally located for business travelers working at the nearby conference center. Think about the kind of person who usually visits your city. Is it known for lavish, luxury holidays or cheap city breaks? You should keep in mind that your regular members and guests are not always the same; it is often worth thinking of them as separate segments.

Travelers day passes

5. Decide the kind of guests you want

Of course, if yours is a premium and luxury club, you may only want a certain clientele buying day passes. The easiest way to control this is with the price you charge for a day pass. However, take care that a technique to limit numbers doesn’t result in no one at all visiting. If you plan to charge a high price then take some time to optimise how your club is displayed on TrainAway. You can do this either via the Admin Panel, or by emailing us at info@trainaway.fit. Just send us the text and at least five high quality pictures and we’ll do the rest.


6. Work out what capacity you have

The day pass price will have an impact on the number of travelers visiting your club, so it’s worth thinking about how many you can accommodate. As ever, it’s a question of balancing revenues with user experience. If you run multiple clubs in the same city, consider pricing them separately. Drive the travelers towards the club with more capacity for visitors.

Consider also that travelers may not follow the same behavioural patterns as regular members. Those on vacation, for example, are more likely to visit during the quieter times in the middle of the day. This means they won’t put more pressure on your club at peak times.

7. You can always change the price later

There is no exact formula to day pass pricing. It is a case of matching your own aims with market demands. Therefore the best way to find out what works best for you and the user is by trying something, and if it doesn’t work, you can always change it. It’s easy to login to the Admin Panel and change it yourself, or just send us an email. It usually takes no more than 3 business days to make the change.


If you’re still not sure how to set the price of your day passes, you can always contact us. Just send an email to info@trainaway.fit – we’d be happy to help. And if you found this article useful, you may be interested in other content, such as Four ways to get more travelers in your gym and How to reduce gym membership attrition.

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