TrainAway Partner Resources

To help our partners get the most out of being part of the TrainAway network, we’ve put together a range of resources to make life as easy as possible for gym and office staff.

It’s not always easy running a gym or fitness center – we fully understand that. There are numerous time, organisational and management pressures. We have no intention of adding to that, so we want to make it as easy as possible to be a TrainAway Partner.

On this page you’ll find a collection of resources giving guidance along your TrainAway journey. If there are any questions that aren’t answered here, you can always contact us directly.


Essential Information

TrainAway FAQ!faq

Our Frequently Asked Questions give answers to a range of questions surrounding TrainAway, and, crucially, help you understand the platform from a user perspective.

Partner Gym List

Want to know where else we have partner gyms? Traveling somewhere yourself and want to work out? You can either use our gym search function or view the country by country list.

Contact the TrainAway team

We love hearing from you, so you’re welcome to contact us even if everything is going just fine. Or perhaps you have some information or tips that can help us. Send us an email and we’ll always get back to you.


Guides for members and staff

YouTube Channel

TrainAway Youtube Channel

On the TrainAway YouTube Channel you’ll find a range of videos to make your life easier. From tutorial videos for receptionists to user introduction videos, it’s a quick and easy way to explain what TrainAway is and how it works.


What is TrainAway and How do I use it?

If a member doesn’t know anything about TrainAway, this is a great guide to share with them. It answers the two most commonly asked questions ‘What is TrainAway?’ and ‘How do I use it?’


TrainAway: A Guide For Reception Staff

We do as much as possible to give the best experience via our app and website, but we rely on local staff in the gym itself. This simple guide will ensure your reception staff know exactly what to do when a TrainAway user arrives at your club.



Advice, tips and guidance

Four Ways to Get More Travelers in Your Gym

Some of the gyms on the TrainAway network see hundreds of visitors each month, so we looked into how they’ve managed to attract so many travelers. You’ll find the top four ways on this page.


7 Ways to Optimise Your Day Pass Pricing

It’s not always easy to choose what price to set your day passes at, and it can have a big impact. Set prices too high, and travelers will go elsewhere. Too low and you won’t be maximising your possible returns. Read our advice on how to decide.


How to take great photos of your gym

Travelers rely upon photos to make their decision as to which gym they visit, so we recommend spending some time getting them right. Our gym photo taking guide talks you through the top tips to take great photos of your gym.


How To Reduce Gym Membership Attrition

TrainAway was set up to keep people in their active routine, even when away from home. We’re committed to keeping people in the gym, year after year – because we know the benefits. We’ve looked into the  facts around gym membership attrition, and how you can use TrainAway to combat it. Read the full article here.



IHRSA Passport Program Resources

The IHRSA Passport Program allows your members to get discounted access over 1,000 fitness clubs around the world. If you’re an IHRSA member and are not yet enrolled, you can do so here.

If you have questions, check out our IHRSA Passport FAQs page, and if you need a page to help explain the program to your members, this guide will help.

If you’re currently just selling day passes via TrainAway to other Passport Program users, you may wish to reconsider that  – read more about this here.

Want an easy way to communicate your club’s invitation code? Print this poster, enter your code, and put it up in your club.

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