TrainAway’s East Coast Takeover

We’re hugely excited to announce new partners on the US East Coast. Both New York and Washington DC are now open to TrainAway users. 

Last month California was hogging the headlines, but in April it’s the East Coast’s turn. On the East Coast is where you’ll find the roots of America’s financial and political might, led by New York City, Boston and Washington DC. They’re frequent destinations for every international traveler, so we’re delighted to be building our presence there.

TrainAway Open for business in New York City

New York City gym

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally able to announce comprehensive coverage up the spine of Manhattan. New York City’s business district is one of the most traveled-to places on earth so it’s right that we should have a presence there, with 10 gyms on the island. And it’s not just an ordinary presence. New York Health and Racquet Club are one of the premier fitness brands in the whole of the US, and looking at images of their clubs, you can see why.

New York gym Astor Place

As as doing the essential things very well – the range and condition of equipment is superb, all approaches are catered for and there are separate areas for different kinds of training – New York Health & Racquet Club goes a stage further. Their clubs are open, spacious, and with a tangible sense of quality. They’re not just gyms, either, with pools, saunas, and massage services also found in their clubs. And let’s not forget, this is in Manhattan, the heart of New York City.

Pool new york whitehall gym

And now all of this is open to you! So next time you’re in New York, head onto the TrainAway app and buy your day pass today. As Mikael Vincents, TrainAway’s CMO says, “We’re so pleased to have such great partners right in the heart of New York City. Now we want to encourage as many travelers as possible to take advantage of this great opportunity.”

VIDA Fitness now live in Washington DC

VIDA fitness front desk

It’s not just in New York City that we’re making waves this month. We’re over the moon to announce that VIDA Fitness in Washington DC are now live on the TrainAway platform, and waiting for your visit. Washington DC is the nation’s capital, and holds some of the most valuable cultural treasures in the United States. Its popularity as a travel destination makes it hugely important to have places for travelers to train, and VIDA Fitness is more than just a place to train.

VIDA fitness spinning studio

VIDA is characterised by its sleek, modern design and commitment to aesthetic quality. You’ll find the latest training equipment across clubs built to be functional as well as stylish. There are currently five VIDA clubs across Washington DC, with another opening later this year. All are in fantastic locations, with their City Vista and Gallery Place clubs just a few blocks from the National Mall. A wide variety of class schedules supplement extremely well-thought-through individual training areas.

VIDA Fitness gym

And of course, VIDA Fitness have thought about aftercare too. As well as luxurious changing facilities, you’ll also find a fuel bar in each of their clubs, and some even have a beauty salon attached too. There’s also the opportunity to book yourself in for a well deserved post-workout massage. This really is the full-service training experience.

VIDA Fitness massage table

TrainAway at FIBO

The world’s largest fitness trade show took place at the start of April, and of course, the TrainAway team were there. FIBO (Fitness and Bodybuilding) sees over 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries presenting to 140,000 visitors, and covers all aspects of fitness, health and wellness. It’s a key opportunity to discover the latest trends in fitness and to discuss what the future of the space might be.

TrainAway team at FIBO

The team had some great meetings with fitness operators from around the world, with some exciting announcements due soon. Watch this space!

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