Top 10 Tips for Working Out on a Business Trip

Ready to go on a business trip and not sure what to prepare beforehand? Here are 10 tips to keep in mind to help keep yourself fit while away from home!

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Going for a business trip breaks the monotony of your daily routine. Most people who work out on a weekly basis are taking a break from it, and continue when the holiday ends. These trips distort your workout regimen in terms of limited or no access to the gym, limited preparation of your meal plan; it distorts your sleeping plan. Humans are habitual in nature, and a big change like this might cause one to relapse into previous eating habits. However, there are ways of making sure that you keep your fitness regimen as you travel for that business holiday.





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1. The Art of Staying Fit

Staying fit on a business trip is taxing. There are so many distractions such as the exotic blue skies and the foods. It is quite easy to pack on pounds in a new environment. However, a few devised tips will help you keep in shape, whether you are away with business or a holiday.






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2. Always be prepared

Some people set themselves up for failure from the beginning of the trip. Before embarking on your business trip or holiday, you could start out by carrying out some research on the surroundings of your hotel, and the entire area. This will help you pack for the necessary fitness essentials. Some workout essential items should never miss in your luggage, namely: exercise wear, comfortable workout shoes, headphones, a yoga mat, swimwear, resistance bands, and handgrips, among other things. These items are light enough to fit in your luggage.





3. Strive to arrive at your destination during the day

Arriving early during the day helps you warm up to the climate, environment and time. It could allow you to take a walk and spot places in your vicinity that have the potential of being exercise spots. Improvise, adapt, overcome!


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4. Make training one of your main instincts as you travel

Most people tend to lose their motivation and commitment to the cause. Schedule your workout time, and set up reminders. During your business trip, make sure that you have a record of your fitness goals. This will help you stay motivated, and prevent you from coming up with excuses for missing a workout session. The idea is to make sure that you never miss a daily fitness routine. This will need a lot of commitment, as you will have to squeeze it into your schedule.


5. Find a tourist-friendly way to work out

You might not be able to subscribe to a gym as you travel, thus the best step would be to look for work out alternatives. Juggling your tight working schedule with training is not easy; therefore, you might need to either workout early in the morning or late at night during your business trip, so instead of focusing on working off a body part per day, our recommendation is sticking to intense full-body workouts. Of course, we are more than happy to take that weight off your shoulders by providing you day passes in the area you travel, so you would not bother with forms to fill or making heavy use of Google Translate to communicate with the natives of the visited country. You could also increase the intensity of your workouts. This will help you increase your general body strength and burn the daily calorie intake.


6. Keep track of your daily progress

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As you workout, you should aim to be better as days go by. This is not easy if you have no record of your previous progress. Keep track of your time, the exercises, the repetitions, and your general body feeling before and after working out. You could use either your phone or a journal to keep track of the progress. Numerous applications work as fitness journals, such as Strong or Workit, available for both iOS and Android. With enough knowledge of your past exercises, you could stick to raising the intensity of the workout by increasing the time spent on a particular exercise, on a daily basis.



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7. Take a keen interest in what you consume

Make eating your priority on your business trip. Most people fail to eat the right quantities during trips, due to fear of calorie intake. Take note that exercising requires a lot of body strength, and as you boost the intensity of your workouts, your food intake should increase. Make sure that your food budget is sufficient. If it is not, you could try cutting down on some expenses, to cater to this. You might not have many options in terms of food quality, thus you have to work with whatever you have. You could also try planning. If you are aware that you might not be able to access a shop, you could make a prior purchase of a healthy snack to keep you going such as a bag of almonds or a fruit.


8. Find a way to stay active

Visiting a new destination brings about a feeling of relaxation. The need to keep being active reduces, and the drive to eat unhealthy foods and bask in the sun, increases. Stay motivated by going either for a walk in the surroundings, or a run (if you have the explorer instinct, that is a bonus), especially after a heavy meal. You could opt for adventurous activities during your free time such as hiking or even swimming. Enjoy your new location by exploring it on foot right at the start of your business trip. You could jog around the neighbourhood, or do jump rope for ten minutes. This will help you keep your metabolism high, and help you burn the accumulating fat.


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9. Frequently stretch out your body

Stretching enhances flexibility. You could look for a yoga or aerobic workout session near you. If neither of those is available, you could settle for aerobic and yoga applications. These will help you meditate and keep you motivated. Make sure you locate a place that supports this kind of meditation. You could also settle for your hotel room in this regard.

All the aforementioned techniques are engineered to help you stay fit as you tour a foreign destination. TrainAway aims at helping tourists who are visiting foreign countries stay fit.


10. Take other tourists opinions into consideration

It is a well-known fact that not every time the online image does not always match real life. Let’s say you might have found a place to train after a Google search and it looks all proper until you actually get there and face the reality. Thus, checking the reviews beforehand is a must. It helps you lower the chances of being disappointed by the chosen destination for work out. So, first of all, give yourself some time to read the opinions of other people that have been there earlier and then cross the line with the most accurate decision as possible. Bearing this in mind will save you a lot of precious time, rather than switching 3 different locations before you have a final verdict. You can also share your knowledge with the community if you have been satisfied with the gym you have trained in. They will be as grateful as you were when you followed a neatly tailored review.

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