1000 Partner Gyms Now Live on TrainAway

TrainAway has made another huge leap forward, with over 1,000 partner gyms now on the platform. In this article we plot some of the milestones that have led us to this point, and where this leads us in the future.

TrainAway gyms all over the world

We’re absolutely excited to announce another huge highlight for TrainAway, as we have now surpass 1,000 partner gyms on the platform. This stretches the TrainAway network across +35 countries, +250 cities and four continents. To be able to give this network to all the travelers, is really a dream come true for the individuals behind TrainAway, who has always had their eyes on the travelers all around the world.

“For me, passing gym number 1,000 on the platform is all about the users, all the travelers out there”, says CMO Mikael Vincents Nielsen. “My way into TrainAway was being a user, throughout my life of traveling the world. The fact that there is a network out there now of more than 1,000 gyms, to which the traveler can buy access to on there phone in a few taps and walk in the gym and start working out is really extraordinary”.

From humble beginnings in 2017 TrainAway has already passed some significant milestones. From surpassing 10,000 downloads in mid 2018 to passing 50 different nationalities buying a pass through the app, this is the latest step in the platforms’s ascent. The mission of TrainAway is to eliminate barriers to fitness, and the key part of this is to make sure wherever you are in the world, there is somewhere for you to train. Having over 1,000 partner gyms certainly makes a great start to this long journey!

TrainAway team 1000 gyms

The Journey to 1,000 Partner Gyms

It wasn’t so long ago that the TrainAway founders were sat in a garage in Copenhagen borrowed from one of their parents, feeling their way into the fitness industry. A little less than a year later the platform launched, with 20 gyms in Estonia from our first ever partner MyFitness. This grew to Latvia and then Denmark, where we showed that travelers genuinely need to be able to use gyms when away from home. From there it was all about spreading the word to other gym operators throughout Europe where a number of major European cities were conquered, like Paris with NeonessDabliu in Rome and Iconic Health Clubs in Dublin.

But then it was time to look a bit bigger. The TrainAway team new they’d created something special that could really revolutionize the fitness industry: a user-friendly platform that would unlock gym access across the world, with no subscription or commitment. So when the chance came to work together with IHRSA, the world’s largest fitness association, we took it with both hands and making the most of the opportunity. Meanwhile we were able to keep forming great partnerships, like with Fitness Hut in Portugal.

January this year saw 10 months of hard work pay off, as we launched the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway and then a rush of great fitness brands in the USA. From New York Health & Racquet Club and Vida Fitness on the East Coast to In-Shape in the west, there are now hundreds of TrainAway gyms across the USA. And it’s not just North America. Sportlife in Chile and Bodytech in Brazil give great coverage in South America too. And the recent addition of Steve Nash in Canada has pushed the partner network beyond 1,000!

TrainAway’s COO Kristian Toft still has to pinch himself from time to time: “From sitting and drawing up ideas for logo’s in our parents garage, to putting in the data on gym number 1000, it’s an absolutely incredible and surreal feeling. I’m so proud of everybody on the team.”

What’s next?

Isn’t it obvious? 2,000 partner gyms, of course! We’re absolutely ecstatic to have hit this milestone but this is truly just the beginning. According to CEO Kenn Gudbergsen, “I’m so pleased that we can help our users access gyms in so many great places, but our ultimate goal is to have partners in every major travel destination in the world.”

And with conversations ongoing with some fantastic operators in Europe, the Americas and Asia this objective looks like it’s getting closer all the time.

A Team Effort

We at TrainAway also want to say a huge thank you to you, the fitness community. It’s your support that has got us to 1,000 partner gyms, and we really wouldn’t be here without you. So thanks and we can’t wait to present gym number 2,000! And watch this space – because there’s even more exciting news around the corner.

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