May Newsletter: TrainAway’s Hidden Gyms

In our May Newsletter we’re shining the spotlight on some of our great partner gyms off the beaten path. From the Arctic to the Andes to the Black Sea, it’s amazing where you can find TrainAway’s hidden gyms. There’s also an interview with Johnny FD and coverage of TrainAway in the press.

We at TrainAway are committed to helping as many people as possible access gyms when traveling. This of course means focus on the big cities, but there are also some great work out locations where you’d least expect, and we are lucky to have them as partners on our platform. Sometimes it’s in the more remote places where it’s more difficult to get into a gym. And it’s here where TrainAway is even more valuable, often being the only way to access fitness.

Hidden Gyms: Our Top 3

So as well as the big cities, we’re adding gyms in less-visited places too. Forget hidden gems, we call these fitness clubs our ‘Hidden Gyms’. They’re places off the beaten path, rarely found, but when you do, it’s a revelation. Here are three of our favourite hidden gyms, in the US, Ukraine and Chile.

Fitness Stadium, Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa is Ukraine’s third largest city, interesting for travelers because of its rich history. Very popular for visitors from Russia, western tourists are still a rarity here. It feels more like a Mediterranean port than a former Soviet port. So between the thousand-year-old buildings it’s quite surprising to find somewhere like Fitness Stadium.


This Goliath of a fitness club is ahead of its time, and definitely one of our hidden gyms. With futuristic design accompanying every conceivable piece of fitness equipment, it’s almost worth traveling to Odessa just to visit. Want a unique insight into the Ukrainian fitness culture? Fitness Stadium is the place.

Trainerspace, Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Florida is far from remote and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. But Boca Raton is nestled away in a series of picturesque coastal towns and might not be top of everyone’s list. However, if you were to pass through Boca Raton you’d have the chance of visiting one of the most fascinating and revolutionary gyms in the whole TrainAway network.

Trainerspace with TrainAway


Trainerspace has compromised on nothing in order to provide the best workout experience. From custom-built low-impact flooring to engineering their own training machines, they really have thought of it all. They’ve even built a staircase at the center of the gym purely for exercise purposes. This really is a once-in-a-lifetime training experience.

Sportlife Quilicura, Santiago, Chile

Lying at over 500m above sea level, Santiago is a sprawling city nestled in the Andes, South America’s main mountain range. Though the Chilean capital is easily accessible now, there was a time only the most intrepid explorers would make it there. Like all developing cities, there is a burgeoning fitness culture in Santiago, with Sportlife at its heart.

TrainAway Sportlife Santiago


Sportlife Quilicura is a multi-level, multi-zone, all purpose fitness club. It’s modern, sleek and clean, and provides a great antidote to the bustling city outside. Its functional areas provide a great atmosphere for solo time just to train, and executive changing facilities aid a relaxing transition back into normal life.

Johnny FD on the world’s remotest workout locations

We met up with Johnny FD to hear about some of the most remote, and craziest places, he’s ever been for a workout. Johnny is a global traveler who specialises in opening up lesser-visited parts of the world to western audiences. You can read the full interview with Johnny here.

Johnny FD remote gym

TrainAway in the Press

Club Business International have published a full feature on TrainAway’s partnership with IHRSA. It includes the opinions of some great voices within the fitness industry, giving their insights on the future of fitness and travel. You can read the whole article by clicking here and heading to page 74.

TrainAway CBI link

And in case you were wondering…

It’s not just in far out places where you can buy day passes in great gyms like these. TrainAway’s network includes great gyms in cities like New YorkRome, Lisbon, Washington DC and  Paris. It’s our goal to give you options to work out, wherever you are in the world.

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