How to take great photos of your gym

Photos play a huge part in deciding which gym a traveler decides to visit. It’s worth spending some time on, and this gym photo taking guide has some great tips to help. 

Imagine you’re searching for an apartment to rent in a foreign city. You’ll look at the price and the description, but you’ll really make your decision based on the photos. Large, bright, inviting images that highlight details and amenities are what really sell the property.

The same is true of TrainAway. Travelers do not have the luxury of a guided tour or trial visit to decide whether they like your club. You have just a few seconds to make them want to click that ‘buy pass’ button on your gym, and the best way to do this is with great photos. It’s no surprise that the gyms with the best photos often sell the most day passes.

Some of these have drafted in professional photographers to do it for them, but that’s not always necessary. You can easily take some highly appealing photos yourself, just by following a few simple guidelines.

So how do you take great gym photos? In putting together this gym photo taking guide, we spoke to some of our partners who really excel at this. They had the following tips:

1. Let in the light

Open the blinds, turn on all the lights and if you can take the photos at a time of bright sunshine outside, even better.

Bathing your gym in natural light will make it look even better. Turn the flash off, and don’t point the camera at light sources; this will only make the non-light areas appear darker.

duet fit trainaway

2. Aim for high resolution images, in landscape

You don’t need a hugely expensive SLR camera for this. Just make sure the quality is set to highest, and a modern smartphone will capture some great shots.

Make sure you’re holding the phone in landscape orientation; this makes sure you can capture as much as possible and the area comes across as nice and spacious.

fitness hut trainaway

3. Set the scene

Imagine it’s opening day at your club again. The weights are all in order, the mats are in their proper place and the machines are all wiped down.

Take the photos when the gym floor is either empty or uncrowded, and make your club look as inviting and welcoming as possible.

ELBGYM TrainAway Hamburg

4. Highlight all your facilities

Many gym goers are looking for certain facilities in a gym, and these are always easiest to pick out from a picture. Ensure there are images of all the key areas of your club: the gym floor, weights area, cardio machines, functional area, group training, reception, changing rooms, seating area all need to be covered.

And then go further. If you have specialist facilities, take a photo of it. And if you have a pool, spa or sauna, these are essential to include.

Sportlife Santiago TrainAway

5. Emphasise what makes your club unique

It may be that your club has a great view over the shoreline, or it’s right in the city centre. Your club may have a distinctive atmosphere or a special layout with a superb outdoor section. You may be on the rooftop or on a beach.

Whatever it is, do your best to convey this via images. If it’s location, make sure to take photos of the outside of your club. It also helps people find you!

East Bank Club Chicago TrainAway

6. More is more!

There’s no such thing as being sparing when it comes to compiling your photo collection. Potential visitors are happy to scroll through photo after photo, especially if they give a genuine insight into your club.

Sometimes it’s easier to scroll through photos than read long text, so give everyone that option.

With these tips, you can get a long way with just your smartphone and some dedication. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential visitor and you’ll be able to focus on what needs to be in your gym photos.

This gym photo taking guide is part of TrainAway’s collection of Partner Resources. You’ll find other guides on everything from explaining TrainAway to members to how to increase the number of travelers buying day passes at your gym.

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