TrainAway: A Guide For Reception Staff

TrainAway’s aim is to make it as convenient as possible for travelers to access quality fitness clubs. This guide helps reception staff provide the best possible experience for gym visitors.

Our goal at TrainAway is to ensure that a traveler can arrive in a new city and find a place to work out with ease. They’ll be able to buy a gym day pass to a nearby fitness club in a couple of minutes, but we rely on local staff to ensure a seamless experience in the gym itself.

For a general introduction to TrainAway, visit our How It Works page.

Of course, as a member of gym staff you need to know a little more than this. Here are the basics in this 30 second video:

Gym Entry Process

TrainAway uses no IT integration, users simply show a screen on their phone to be checked by reception staff. When greeting a TrainAway, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Ask to see their day pass on their phone, and check that the gym name matches yours
  2. Check that the pass is active, shown by the countdown timer. If the pass is in red, it has expired and they need to buy another.
  3. Welcome them to your gym! Any information you can give them about facilities, changing rooms or activities will greatly improve their experience.

You can find a printable poster explaining the process available in multiple languages by clicking here.


TrainAway reception guide
FAQ For Reception Staff

Do I need to take payment?

No. They have already paid via the TrainAway app. Your gym will receive the money at the end of the month via bank transfer.

What if the pass has not been activated?

The pass must be active for the visitor to be allowed entry. They just need to find the day pass on their phone, and tap ‘Activate’

What do I do if the pass says ‘expired’?

They will need to buy a new pass in order to enter the gym. This is easily done via the TrainAway website or app.

How long can a TrainAway user stay?

A day pass entitles a user to one single entry of the club, but then there is no restriction on how long they can stay that day.

How do 3 day passes and 1 week passes work?

3 day passes and 1 week passes are activated in the same way, but once activated the user can visit your gym as many times as he or she wants during the active period.

Can I use TrainAway to sell gym day passes to other visitors?

Yes, and many of our partners choose to sell all of their day passes via TrainAway. It requires no cash exchange or foreign card transaction fees, is a convenient way of providing an email receipt and is the easiest way for gyms to keep track of all day pass sales.

Visitors just need to download the app, search for your gym and buy a pass – it takes 2 minutes.

Can members of my gym also use TrainAway?

Absolutely! It’s the easiest way to get into a gym when traveling, so if one of your members is going to be away for some time, please recommend TrainAway as the easiest way of maintaining their active routine on the road.

You can always point your members towards this quick guide, which explains how it works.

This article is part of a broad range of partner resources helping you get the most out of being a TrainAway partner. With any further questions, please contact us directly.

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