June Newsletter: Canada Covered

Canada is the latest country to get fantastic TrainAway coverage. From Montreal to Vancouver, there are now over a hundred TrainAway gyms across in Canada. We also discuss the progress of the IHRSA Passport Program and TrainAway’s record growth.

Canada gyms TrainAway

Canada is a beautiful country, and one of the world’s largest. Its a diverse land inhabited by some of the most friendly people on the planet. It’s also been a world leader in sports and fitness for some time now. Though more famous for its winter sports, Canada is an all-year-round fitness destination. So we’re delighted to have such great coverage there.

There are now over 100 TrainAway gyms in Canada, stretching across most of the country’s major cities. From Vancouver in the west, through to Montreal in the east, our fitness club partners are providing a fantastic experience to travelers visiting Canada.

TrainAway Partners in Canada

We’ve teamed up with 10 different fitness chains in Canada to give you the best possible choice. These include:

Steve Nash Fitness World

With 23 locations across British Columbia, Steve Nash Fitness World is the largest operator in western Canada. Their clubs all have the same commitment to quality and attention to detail. As well as Vancouver and Victoria, their clubs extend throughout the region, giving travelers a wide variety of great clubs to choose from.

Steve Nash Fitness TrainAway

Spa Lady

Along with She’s Fit in British Columbia, Spa Lady is one of the great female-focused gym chains in north America. With eight locations across Edmonton and Calgary, it’s clear that Spa Lady’s approach is a popular one, as they continue to grow. Their women-only clubs ensure that they have built a whole fitness experience around the specific needs of female fitness enthusiasts.

Spa Lady Calgary

Nautilus Plus

Nautilus Plus is one of the strongest names in fitness, and their 39 clubs are a fantastic addition to the TrainAway network. They’re based across Montreal, Quebec City and Ottowa, providing great coverage across eastern Canada. Their mission is to help you stay healthy in all parts of your life, not just in the gym.

Nautilus Plus TrainAway

1,000 Fitness Clubs now part of the IHRSA Passport Program

After just 6 months, there have already been over 1,000 clubs enrolled in the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway. The program provides discounted access to clubs all over the world for members of participating clubs. At its current growth rate, the program will soon become the largest fitness network in the world, so it’s fantastic news for fitness members worldwide!

IHRSA Passport TrainAway

May was TrainAway’s Biggest Month Ever

The success of the TrainAway platform continues to grow, and May was our biggest month yet. Gym day passes were bought for hundreds of gyms in more than 15 different countries worldwide as we helped more travelers than ever before access a gym. This is a huge achievement for TrainAway as we work hard to make it as easy as possible for travelers to access a gym, wherever they are in the world.

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