TA Ambassadors: Meet Some of Instagram’s Most Positive Fitness Influencers

Our Brand Ambassadors are leading the charge for TrainAway all over the world. We’re delighted to have a global set of stars on the team like Jacob Sumana, Cecilie Lind, Vilde Andreassen, Sandra Raju and Kristaps Vilde.

At TrainAway we’re blessed to have support from so many great people in the fitness industry. The public face of this are our fantastic TrainAway Ambassadors. These are leading fitness influencers who embody the TrainAway mindset: complete dedication to staying active and healthy while traveling the world.

These fitness influencers all come from different backgrounds, and have different interests when it comes to travel and fitness. However, they’re united in their positive approach to fitness, body and mind, which is both inspiring and motivating.

Jacob Sumana

Bodybuilding superstar Jacob Sumana got where he is today through a positive attitude and hard work. Jacob now spends a great deal of time helping others reach the highest level of bodybuilding, both through personal training, online coaching and his social media channels. Jacob’s approach is a mix of motivation and professionalism, inspirational to all fitness enthusiasts.


Jacob was a natural fit for TrainAway with his frequent travel around the world. Even before TrainAway, he showed a commitment to maintaining his active routine when traveling, which is something we want to help everyone do. Jacob Sumana is a trailblazer for the TrainAway fitness traveler through his “live life to the fullest” approach to life.


Cecilie Lind

Founder of the Protein Kitchen, Cecilie Lind has an approach to fitness that extends beyond just doing it to look good or be fitter. She concentrates heavily on the emotional side, wanting everyone to feel good about their workouts. She knows that if you’re not enjoying your fitness, you won’t keep up your routine.


Cecilie is also a champion of trying new techniques and exercises, to make sure your workouts are interesting, fun and functional. Finally, she’s one of a growing group of fitness influencers championing body positivity. It’s our pleasure to help Cecilie Lind access gyms when she’s traveling the world.


Vilde Andreassen

Vilde Andreassen is one bad-ass female! As a Crossfit L1 athletes, Vilde can perform movements with her body that very few people on this planet are capable of. Hand stands, muscle ups, cleans or jerks – you name it, she’s got it.

Aside from being an inspiring athlete, Vilde’s positivity makes her an inspiring person as well, which is just as important to our company. From Riga to Paris, we’ve helped Vilde keep up with her thirst for working out and we look forward to keeping doing so!


Kristaps Vilde

By far our most adventurous ambassador, Kristaps Vilde challenges people to get out of their comfort zone. As fitness influencers go, you won’t find many with such a team mentality as Kristaps. He realises that people thrive off training with each other, and doing so in places that are far from their home environment. His core focus is the gym, but many times a year he heads off the beaten path to push fitness to the limit, and he’s bringing people along with him.


From mountains to deserts, Kristaps Vilde allows no barriers to get in the way of his promotion of a healthy lifestyle. We’re always excited to see where in the world Kristaps is going to work out next. And if we can help him get into a gym while he’s there, we’re happy to do so.


Sandra Raju

Want a positive and fun spirit in your SoMe life to cheer up your day every now and then? – Sandra Raju is your girl. An inspiring personality that you easily feel over any social media platform she touches. She promotes staying healthy and exploring the world alone and together with people, which are values there’s of course shared with us at TrainAway.



Sandra has been a huge help to our organisation since our launch in her home country of Estonia, and we couldn’t be more thankful! Sandra is the type of person you want associated with your company at any cost, she’s really the embodiment of a brand ambassador for TrainAway.



What is TrainAway?

TrainAway is a digital platform connecting you to your nearest gym, in hundreds of cities across the world. Find and buy day pass access to over 1,200 gyms, in prime locations like New York, Paris, Rome and Lisbon. There’s no subscription or sign up fee – just pay when you want to work out.

Are you a potential TrainAway Brand Ambassador?

We’re always on the lookout for the most motivated, inspirational fitness influencers who want to help us spread the TrainAway message. We’re committed to removing the barriers to working out when traveling. If you’re also passionate about travel and fitness, please get in touch.

TrainAway is a digital platform that helps you find and access a gym anywhere in the world. Buy day passes to gyms near you using the TrainAway app, available from the App Store or Google Play Store

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