TrainAway announces partnership with EzyPro to boost your health on the go!

Today TrainAway has the pleasure of announcing a new partnership with the Danish nutrition brand EzyPro. Together, the two companies are fighting the inconvenience of staying healthy on-the-go, by giving active travelers the chance to eat healthy and stay fit.


TrainAway EzyPro collaboration


A joint mission

With a joint mission of making a healthy lifestyle more convenient no matter where you are, a collaboration between EzyPro and TrainAway seemed like fate. It’s a well known fact that keeping up with your active routine or your healthy habits when you travel is NOT easy, so with this partnership, we’re helping you solve that. Whether you travel frequently or you simply have a fast-paced and shifting lifestyle, TrainAway and EzyPro have the answers.

TrainAway makes it easier to stay true to your health when you travel, by allowing you to find and buy access to a gym in a couple of minutes, while EzyPro was launched with the aim of making a healthy lifestyle easier. In the dynamic atmosphere of today’s world, EzyPro wants to set the standard for how easy it can be to bring your healthy eating habits with you, no matter where the wind takes you.

“It’s never attractive to make partnerships just for the sake of it. But when you’re both in the quest for making it easier to stay healthy on-the-go and not settling for inconvenience, this partnership was a no-brainer” – Mikael Vincents, Head of Marketing at TrainAway


TrainAway ezypro



But what’s so special about EzyPro?


“just add water”


That’s the underlying foundation of all EzyPro products. EzyPro delivers protein shakes and porridge in smart packaging to which you only need to add water – the meal is then ready to eat. The protein shakes are the most eye-catching product when it comes to convenience. A flat, zero weight packaging that can fit anywhere is the dream nutrition product for frequent travelers wanting an easy way to bring quality nutrition with them.

They’re so small you can fit up to 10 EzyPro shakes in your carry-on through security – even alongside the rest of your luggage. Bring one our two along during your days of traveling and when it’s time, all you do is add water and you’re good to go. In 2017, the EzyPro protein shake was named “World’s Best Sports & Nutrition Drink” – and that’s for a reason! Ready to try it? Read on for your EzyPro discount code.

TrainAway EzyPro Power shake

Quality, health and sustainability is the top priority for EzyPro. The products contain a long list of some of the most attractive nutrition values today: No added sugar, ecological, lactose free, gluten free, GMO & aspartame free, natural stevia, extremely high on protein. All this ensures the highest quality and nutritional value on the market.

The portfolio of products continue to pop-up for EzyPro. The latest additions are their Moringa Shakes (based on the superfood Moringa) and their Beauty Booster, a natural collagen source for bones, skin, hair and nails.

The EzyPro products come in a variety of flavors, each one being just as delicious than the previous one.



What’s the deal?

Going forward, TrainAway and EzyPro want to help their respective communities gain from each other’s products. By taking advantage of our joint target group, we want to help even more people get the benefits of more convenient health. Whether it’s discounts, giveaways or events – we’re determined to let our users, customers and followers benefit from the collaboration – like with the first TrainAway EzyPro discount code, below.


“There’s no question that the TrainAway user and the EzyPro consumer share great similarities, both in lifestyle and demographics. Creating a strategic partnership with TrainAway is just a great chance to let even more people benefit from two great products” – Mai Nielsen, CEO & Co-founder at EzyPro.


With TrainAway, get 20% off right now using your EzyPro Discount Code!

We’re introducing our partnership with the greatest benefit of all – a discount for all of you. Right now you can get 20% on your order on EzyPro – Yup, that’s on the whole order! Use the EzyPro discount code: TRAINAWAY20 when you check out and you’re good to go!

And look out in the coming weeks for more goodies up for grabs!

The guys from EzyPro are just some of the great people TrainAway team up with all over the world. Why not check out some more of the TrainAway Ambassadors.

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