Amazing Healthy Blogs to Follow when Visiting Montreal in 2019

Montreal has some great health blogs. We’ve found the top five that’ll give you a great introduction to healthy living in Montreal.


We at TrainAway are always keen to explore new ideas to stay healthy, and after great interest in our Top 40 Fitness blogs, we’ve dived into a load of interesting and exciting healthy bloggers from Montreal, who each have their own approach to staying healthy. We’ve compiled a list of our take on the top 5 healthy bloggers writing about Montreal, who are knowledgeable about Montreal and are definitely worth following.

Some have tips on great food while traveling, while others have an approach to creating a lively and active lifestyle. One even has a great idea to save the environment while working out.

If you’re planning on visiting Montreal in the near future, you should definitely be paying attention to these bloggers:

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Julia runs the blog eatwellmtl and is currently studying Dietetics at McGill University, and for her, food is her life. Her focus on health comes mainly from food where she gives advice on the healthiest food, and also on which culprits to avoid when aiming for a healthy diet.

In addition to healthy food, she also have some great ideas on how to save the environment while working out. Curious? Go check her out!


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Jess is an inspiring blogger who focuses on vegetarian recipes with plant-based ingredients. Her blog contains lots of healthy and delicious recipes, anywhere from Vegan French Toast to Quinoa Salad. She also has great posts on the best healthy restaurants in the city – a must read before visiting Montreal.

Choosingchia is not a name she chose at random. Her favourite ingredient is indeed chia, and she uses it in many of her recipes, as she sees chia as “The ultimate superfood”. Naturally, her site also includes tasty, authentic photos and on top of this she gives great advice on how you too can start your own blog!


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Maria is the writer behind shelovesbiscotti which is, as you may have guessed, a blog that has a lot of love for biscotti! Maria is a true believer when it comes to the saying “food brings people together”, and her recipes include food perfect for sharing with friends. She has some great recipes that are both healthy and delicious.

Don’t love biscotti? No worries, Maria has tons of different recipes on all kinds of other food. The chances are that she has one just for you.


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Viriginie and Sarah runs the french written blog blondstory, a lifestyle blog which encompasses a lot of topics from Beauty, Yoga & Meditation to Nutrition and a lot of healthy recipes.

The blog started in 2013 as a hobby, but has since turned into a full time job for them both after the blog grew in popularity.


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Abbey is an avid writer for her blog abbeyskitchen, where she does courses, meal plans, cookbooks and much more. She has a lot of interesting reviews of restaurants in Montreal, where she gives her opinion on the many restaurants located in Montreal.

Her blog also contains easy healthy eating tips which are definitely worth a read!


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