Olivia Damgaard: Fitting Fitness into a Life of Travel

Olivia Damgaard embodies the Gen Z approach to travel and training: life is about experiences, and training in different places is part of that. We asked her how she does it, and what tips she has for others.



More true than for previous generations, Millennials and especially Generation Z are all about traveling and exploring the world. Millennials showed the way and Gen Z are going to further establish world traveling as one of the absolute musts. Both generations also have a deep routed commitment to working and keeping healthy at the same time.

So how do you balance the two? At TrainAway, we’re lucky enough to have our brand ambassadors who embody this lifestyle. We decided to link up with Olivia Damgaard, who lives this mentality of traveling as much as she can while staying as fit as possible.

Olivia Damgaard is is an aspiring and talented Crossfit athlete and personal trainer from Copenhagen, Denmark. She lives in the gym, in particular in one of our partners Norce Crossfit, and believes in pushing her body to the limit. But she also makes sure she takes the time to go and see the world and get inspired by new things.

We we’re curious to know more about Olivia’s travel and workout habits and so we hit her with a few questions about combining traveling and working out. Get inspired by the Olivia Damgaard approach to life, and enjoy her tips and tricks.



Why is it important for you to travel frequently?

“If it was up to me, I would live off traveling. I love to see new places, experience different cultures, taste new food, observe beautiful nature and, last but not least, create moments for life.

That’s the reason I prioritize to travel as often as I can. But I also have an everyday-life 

in Copenhagen that I love, and that’s why it’s not a shame to come back home at all. This is where my training comes into the picture – I LOVE my workout routine!”


Why do you choose to stay active when you travel?

“My training is my lifestyle – it’s that simple. Therefore, workouts are not a hurdle for me in any way and I don’t see it as a duty in any way. For me, it’s so much more than just working out.

Working out is my sanctuary, my free space, where it’s just about me. I always feel much better after I’ve finished a workout. Even if I had a good day, it’s just does something extra. In general my mindset is just more positive after a workout, and I always have a smile on my face – even after giving 110%.

That means that when I’m away from home, I don’t just stop working out. While I do prioritize my workouts less when I travel, I still like to stay active. It’s healthy to give your body some breaks, but these can be active breaks. The main thing is not to overload your body, if you’ve been training really hard at home! So I make sure I have enough time to be with the people I travel with, experience the culture, and, of course, lie by the pool :D”



How do you like to work out when you travel?

“I really like to experiment with my workouts when I’m away. It’s all about mixing it up, and using the new surroundings as inspiration to try new exercises and types of workouts.

The other thing I like to do is to keep my workouts short and intense, freeing up time for everything else and not overloading my body. I usually do full body routines that consist of big, powerlift, compound movements, like squats, deadlifts etc. I combine that with some HIIT training and I’m good to go!

Working out away from home is also about creating great experiences for myself, so workouts shouldn’t be done next to your bed, cramped up on your hotel floor. I like exploring gyms in the city I’m in, giving me new, unique workout experiences.

On top of that, I use the surroundings that my travels give me. This can be running hills on a mountain slope, a sand workout on the beach, or swimming in the ocean – all of these are creating new memories for me of the place I travel to”.



Do you have any tips for other people trying to stay fit when they are away from home?

“My best tip is to make your workouts fun and different.

If it’s finding a new gym near you, playing tennis or taking a long power walk on a beach, just make it enjoyable for you. Because staying active away from home really is! At the same time, give your body time to heal, and give it plenty of rest. After doing alternative training and a lot of rest, your body is ready to deliver again when you’re back home.

This is a strategy that works for me – I usually return home bursting with motivation, and I think that’s important if you want to make your workout routine a habit and routine for life”.


Olivia Damgaard is just one of the many great brand ambassadors TrainAway has the pleasure of working with. They come in all shapes and sizes, but all love to travel and work out. The all have an overwhelmingly positive outlook on life.

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