Top 20 Best Los Angeles Travel Blogs

Planning to spend your vacation in The City Of Angels? There’s no better way to learn about the must-see attractions, delicious dining spots, and unskippable nightlife experiences than by reading blogs from those who have explored the city themselves. That’s why we put together an article for the Top 20 best Los Angeles Travel Blogs. 🙂

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Our list consists of the most informative Los Angeles travel blogs, written by talented writers and huge travel addicts. We’re sure they’ll inspire you to get on a plane to LA, discover everything it has to offer and return home with memories that will stick with you for life.


1. A Little Adrift

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

A Little Misunderstood…Fall in Love  with Los Angeles

This blog is led by Shannon O’Donnell, a global traveler that was featured in countless travel magazines. Before her journey around the world, she lived in Los Angeles. In their articles about LA, she guides the tourists through its alternative attractions, best dining spots, and useful public transport practices.


2. Girl Eat World

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

Los Angeles Itinerary for first time Visitors

Written by global traveler Melissa Hie, Girl Eat World is a storytelling-focused travel blog where you can find first-hand experiences on more than 36 countries in the world. Before she began traveling, Melissa spent ten years in LA and in her blog she shares tips and information about the city from a local’s perspective.


3. Wonderful Wanderings

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)


One fun week in Los Angeles

Sofie from Wonderful Wanderings focuses her articles on helping fellow travelers planning a worry-free trip. Her travel itineraries help more than 90 thousand people every month, and her posts on LA will help you to see all the hotspots of this massive city in under a week.


4. Y Travel Blog

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

Best things to do in Los angeles

Craig and Caz Makepeace have been traveling on-and-off for more than 20 years, and they share their memories, tips and first-hand information on the Y Travel Blog. They also visited LA several times, and their articles will be especially helpful for those who travel with kids or want to avoid standard tourist hotspots.


5. Nomadic Matt


Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

Los Angeles Travel Guide

Matt is a bestselling author and one of the most popular resources for backpackers and those who travel on a budget. In his articles, he will teach you how to plan your travel itinerary, stay safe, and save on travel expenses. His Los Angeles guide covers all the major attractions but also helps you estimate your budget by mentioning typical costs in the city.


6. The Blonde Abroad

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

The blonde abroad

The Blonde Abroad is written by Kiki, a talented writer who left her corporate job to fulfil her dream of travelling the world. Her blog is especially focused on female solo travellers, however, everyone can get valuable insights from her posts on Los Angeles, written from the perspective of a local.


7. Eat Drink LA

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)


Eat Drink LA is a blog by Caroline Gelabert-Noh, who moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, but there she discovered the city’s delicious food and decided to dedicate her website to that topic. She covers many of the popular eateries as well as some hidden gems and is a perfect travel blog for foodies that are planning a yummy vacation in the city.


8. Love And Loathing LA

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

Love and Loathing

Love And Loathing LA is quite likely the most comprehensive source of information about the City Of Angeles from a local’s perspective. The author lived in the city almost her entire life and shares information about the best places to eat, shop, and party, as well as 101 things you should do during your stay in the city.


9. We Like LA

A blog about travel tips in LA

We like LA

Brian and Christina are native Angelenos, who share weekly updates on the city on their We Like LA blog for more than five years now. They update their website daily and share current events and tips for travel planning, from new exhibits, over live shows to newest dining spots that you should check out.


10. Tanama Tales

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

One day in LA

Ruth from Tanama Tales focuses on daily adventures rather than global traveling, and she especially focuses on South California in her posts. As an LA local, her travel guides and itineraries are extremely helpful to first-time visitors, but also those who want to explore smaller towns and less popular attractions surrounding Los Angeles.


11. The LA Girl

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

The LA girl

Wonder what’s the best spot to gaze at the sunsets in LA? Or want to keep up with the most interesting events during your visit? The LA Girl Gwen Lane has those and many other answers for you. The blog is written by her and other locals and is the perfect place if you have specific interests or want to have the most authentic experience of the city.


12. Local Wanderer

Los Angeles City Guide

Elaine and Taylor are a popular duo, with a focus on personal experiences and opinions about attractions and cities on the West Coast. They have more than twenty articles about LA, where they cover different neighborhoods, coolest shopping areas, and their favorite coffee shops.


13. Blog And The City

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

10 Things to do in LA

Marie-Janelle Larivée founded Blog And The City in 2013 and she writes most of the articles herself up to this day, including those on Los Angeles. Her list of 10 things to do in LA is especially helpful for those visiting the city for the first time, as it provides a lot of valuable personal insights into the city’s most important landmarks.


14. Let’s Go Places

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

What to do in Los Angeles

Sarah is a talented photographer, writer, and traveler who creates excellent guides on the places she visited in and outside the US. She’s a California local, and in her Los Angeles guide, she shares the places she visited – and loved herself.


15. NA Travel Blog

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

3 Days in Los Angeles

When they suddenly lost their jobs at the company they both worked at, Rob and Sarah decided to travel until they figure out what they’ll do with their lives but loved it so much they continued to explore the world up to this day. Their LA itinerary is a terrific source for those who want to discover the best things in the city in only 3 days.


16. Eat Play Love Travel

Picture of a blog about travelling in Los Angeles (LA)

Travel itinerary: four days in Los Angeles

Originally from Sydney, Kim Lamb is a writer, traveler and the author of one of the most informative and honest Los Angeles travel guides we came by. She shares tips on where to stay, shop, and eat in LA, while also covering her favorite attractions in and around the city.


17. Travel Caffeine

A picture of a blog and post about the ultimate LA city guide

Ultimate Los Angeles City Guide

Sarah and Tom Bricker are a couple behind the Travel Caffeine blog, where they share their travel experience, especially focusing on California and the city of Los Angeles. Their “Ultimate Los Angeles Travel Guide” is particularly insightful, packed with information on when to travel, public transport, must-see locations and more.


18. Nectar And Pulse

Picture of a blog about travel in Los Angeles (LA)

24 Hours in Los Angeles

Nectar And Pulse is an outstanding blog, created with a lot of attention to detail and featuring comprehensive and well-written guides on destinations around the globe, including Los Angeles. Their texts will recommend the popular attractions you should see but also let you know which ones are not truly as interesting as they’re marketed to tourists.


19. The Travel Hack

Picture of a blog about travel in Los Angeles (LA)

3 Days in Los Angeles

Monica from The Travel Hack focuses on weekend getaways and affordable adventures. Her travel blog is packed with first-hand experiences and her 3-day guide to Los Angeles is perfect for those who want to see as much as they can during a short visit to the city.


20. Maddily

Picture of a blog about travel in Los Angeles (LA)

Los Angeles Travel Guide

Maddily is run by Madeline, a writer and traveler who spent 24 years of her life in Los Angeles. In her travel guides, she shares everything she loved about the city. From popular attractions to hidden gems, her articles will help you plan the most authentic journey to LA.


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