Inspiring Fitness and Healthy Blogs in Vancouver

TrainAway is always looking for inspiration when it comes to fitness! This time we are looking to Vancouver to gain insight on how they maintain a healthy lifestyle. Follow us as we share some of our favourite Canadian bloggers from Vancouver who inspire and help us to achieve our goals to stay fit and healthy. Here we have 6 bloggers from Vancouver who all love to blog about fitness, healthy food and an active lifestyle.

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If you’re planning on visiting Vancouver, these bloggers are worth paying attention to:

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Dai Manuel is the person behind the blog that goes by his own name. He is also known as “The Moose”. Dai is a Life Coach and Lifestyle Mentor, and regularly holds conferences where he talks about health and fitness. He focuses on diets, healthy food, exercising and has a philosophy that goes by 5 pillars. The first pillar called “The Fitness Pillar”, Dai tells about his take on how to keep yourself and your family healthy and fit side by side with your everyday life.

Dai Manuel  ⇓

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Through education, community and encouragement, Dai’s posts aims to empower people to lead a functionally fit life, and a healthy lifestyle. You should definitely go check him out!



Deryn is from Vancouver, BC and runs the fitness blog “Running on real food.”

She has always had a passion for fitness and is eager to share her tips and tricks on how to maintain a lifestyle which encompasses both fitness and a balanced diet. Although Deryn’s main form of fitness is CrossFit, she is doing everything from gymnastics and running to weightlifting and rowing. Before and after working out, it is important to fuel your “engine” with real food she says, this is where the name: running on real food comes from.

                                                                   Deryn ⇓

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Besides her writing about fitness, she also posts delicious recipes on healthy food, and since all her recipes are plant-based, you can find some really good vegan food!

Like vegan food? You should check her out!




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Suzanne is the founder of Vancouver Health Coach, with her 20 years in the health industry she brings a unique blend of experience.
She offers an individualized coaching process to help you move forward in life. Suzanne is one of the first to become a health coach in Vancouver, she says:

“I am committed to helping people empower themselves to live the life they always imagined, no matter what their dream and aspirations are!”

She runs the blog “Vancouver Health coach” together with Dr. Melissa Carr, a registered Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Carolyn Anne Budgell who has been teaching yoga, meditation one-on-ones/ group intensives and yoga teacher trainings in Vancouver and internationally since 2008.




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Yoni is a family doctor, best selling author and founder of Ottawa’s Bariatric Medical Institute. He loves working in the mornings and shares his many ideas about health and weight on his fitness blog. He writes for whatever he finds interesting or fancy enough for his taste. Yoni has some awesome articles such as ” Why are we eating an Extra meal a day?”  which explains a theory that on daily basis we eat calories enough for an extra meal. I couldn’t believe it myself before I saw the article and it actually made me rethink my own meal routine.

I find the whole blog really inspiring and extremely useful.




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The founder, Vanessa Choot is raised in Vancouver and always loved experiencing her city to the fullest. She shares her lifestyle experiences in her fitness blog and keeps her readers updated about all the trendy happenings in Vancouver and beyond. The blog is dedicated to bringing modern information on trendy and upcoming events in Vancouver.




Amanda Vogel is a certified fitness instructor and professional writer, she goes around testing and reviewing the newest trends and products (from workout wear to gym tools and exercises) within the fitness and health industry and post them on her fitness blog. She has a background working experience for some of the biggest fitness magazines including Best Health, Oxygen etc..

Her posts are always interesting and full of fun facts and real-life experience which makes keep reading more and more. Not long ago she posted an article about “Goat Yoga”, sounds crazy right? I thought the same but it is actually a thing, she has done it as well and shared her interesting experience here.

A collage of different exercises such as Goat Yoga etc..



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