7 Fitness and Health Challenges for Travelers, and How to solve them!

Often when away from home we are bound to face series of challenges that might prevent our holidays from going as smoothly as planned. Especially if you’re a fitness enthusiast and want to take care of your body’s shape and health. In this article, we are explaining the 7 main fitness and health challenges we’ve encountered, that every health-oriented traveler will recognize and possible solutions. With the ultimate solution for most of them in the end!

Okay, let’s get on to it.


Adjusting to different time zones!

Adjusting to different time zones


Long-distance trips are often exhausting and leave us feeling groggy and lacking energy. If we don’t take precautions it could last between 3-7 days and ruin our trip experience, especially if you’re going for a hike or any other outdoor activity.

From personal experience, we’ve learned that the best way of fighting with adjusting to the different time zones is taking the first day off. Make sure you relax and don’t push yourself. If you have arrived in the morning take a good nap it will help you get your energy back after the long flight, and then you will be able to go for a late lunch and maybe a little shopping. Eat dinner and go straight to bed. Yes, you heard, guys, no party the first night 😉. The next day, you’ll be feeling fresh and ready for exploring new horizons. Pretty simple isn’t it?


Unhealthy food!

Mhmm sweet holidays…we love the part that involves eating a load of unhealthy food. Our team is actually very fitness-oriented and we all like to take care of our body shape and health, even though we also eat a lot of unhealthy (junk) food when traveling. It’s tasty and satisfying but also a big challenge for everybody who wants to stay fit even after the holiday is over. We would advise you to eat whatever you want with no regrets, and just spend some time working out, that way you will burn enough calories so the food you are eating won’t make any impact on your shape and you will stay as healthy and strong as ever 💪


Unpredictable weather!

It’s an amazing vacation in Florence, the hotel looks great, the sun is rising and the beach line is beautiful, perfect for a morning jogging workout on the beach. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well yes, it is but then the rain decides to show up and ruin your training plans. Now you have to think of other alternatives for working out. One could be a hotel gym. Most of the small hotels don’t even have a gym room in their arsenal. If you’re lucky enough to be in a hotel with a gym, most of the time you’ll realize you’re not lucky at all. Instead, you’ll be facing one of the fitness and health challenges:


Poor hotel gym facilities!

If the hotel has a gym, most of the time it’s small with poor facilities, which could be a challenge. If the gym is too small for a quite big hotel and with only a couple of facilities, it will be overcrowded. None likes to workout in a room full of sweaty people who are way too close to each other and having to wait in a queue, not waiting to order a pizza but to do an exercise. Crazy! Working out should be interesting, and enjoyable not making you tired of waiting someone to finish his reps. You have probably all experienced that before, and you didn’t like it. In this situation, we would recommend searching for a local fitness facility, nearby. Unfortunately here you might also face another big fitness and health challenge:


Finding the right gym!


Finding the right gym could be a challenge because we all want to workout in a well-maintained gym that has our favorite piece of equipment. We all have this one facility we love to use and can’t imagine working out without it. Now it comes to the question. How do you find the most suitable fitness center for your needs nearby?

A solution for this challenge could be using google maps like everybody does. It will help us find gyms close to us and then we can google and check their pictures. It sounds like a big waste of time, doesn’t it? Now that we have found 1 or 2 gyms that look and suit our taste, we want to go and buy a day pass to do our workout as soon as possible. Once, you enter a gym you come into facing another huge fitness challenge:


Gym staff don’t speak English (language barrier)!

The language barrier could be a huge challenge, especially in countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc… where the majority of the population don’t speak English at all. The languages sound like music for the years but not the type of music you would listen to when wanting to workout. You know what we mean. 🙂

You could use google translate and try to say “Posso ottenere un pass giornaliero” (Can I get a day pass?) and after 15-20 minutes of trying to understand each other using google translate, you realize what the other big challenge is in the fitness and health world.


Finding a gym with a day pass!


Many gyms around the world will want you to subscribe but you don’t want that. you are there for a week or even less, and if you ask for a day pass they will try to rob you at an extremely crazy price. Sounds familiar?  You bet it does! That’s why finding a gym is an extremely big challenge for all of us who try to stay healthy and fit (of course 😁) when traveling abroad.


Ultimate Solution:

We have a perfect solution for you guys. TrainAway is the perfect app you can use to find and get a day pass access to a gym nearby when traveling around the world.

Just through 3 easy steps (you can find them here) you can find the most suitable and closest to you, gym and buy a day pass. The best thing is that you don’t need to talk to anybody in the process. All you have to do is show the activated pass on your phone to enter the gym. Simple right?

Let’s get back to the moment you realized you wanted to go to a gym on your holiday in Florence. Perfect! Now imagine that you’ve just used the TrainAway app and skipped all the challenges and saved so much precious time and effort. Now you are probably thinking: This is amazing, I have to try it. Well yeah, If you are facing the same challenges as I used to, you definitely should!


I hope you found the article interesting and helpful.



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